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Jews in england durring ww2?

Were there any jews living in england at the time of ww2. Were they accepted? Were they protected, or did people want them out?

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    Yes there were Jews in Britain during the war. Jews were re-admitted to the country under Oliver Cromwell in the 1650s, and have had a continual presence here ever since, one of our greatest prime ministers was of Jewish parents - although he converted to Anglicanism - Benjamin Disraeli.

    Yes there was (and still is) anti-semitism, but when Mosley's blackshirts tried to march through the Jewish areas of London's East End, the communists, socialist and ordinary people of the East End decided that they were not going to stand for it - and put up barricades, fighting the fascists, this is known as the Battle of Cable Street (1936)

    Were they accepted - by and large yes, although anti-semetism did rear its ugly head in the 1930s. Were they protected, by law yes and, as seen by the Battle of Cable Street, by many ordinary citizens. Did people want them out - some did, but the majority of the population did not.

    Jews from across Europe trickled in to the country and have contributed greatly to Britain, some, like the broadcaster, chef and later MP, Clement Freud - the grandson of SIgmund Freud - fought in the British Army, he was also at the Nuremberg Trials. Others, the children of those that came to Britain, have made themselves well known - Andrew Sachs - Manuel from Fawlty Towers - was born in Berlin. And the parents of Rachel Weisz fled Nazism to settle in the UK. But, probably the most famous UK born person whose parents fled the Nazis is Jerry Springer.

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    Strange question! The English were some of the strongest supporters and home base of the organizations that raised money to relocate Jews from Russia to Palestine and fund the purchase of land for communities. Thousands of the Palestinian Jews were members of the British Army in WW2.

    The British had responsibility for the control of the the Middle East from the League of Nations (look up the British Mandate). They established a 2 state solution and directed the Jews and Arabs to form governments. The lands of Israel were lands that the Jews purchased from Arab tribal leaders and developed including building the city Haifa.

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    There was a long-term, integrated population of Jews living in England, mainly in two groups in North London and Manchester. At the beginning of the war some 74,000 suspected enemy aliens and British Nazi sympathisers were interned on the Isle of Man, including Jewish refugees, within 6 months the majority had been released, over 8,000 aliens and British Nazis were eventually held.

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    Jews from the British Channel Islands have been killed in the Holocaust. Many British officers did understand suitable to the Holocaust, some people not on skill did understand to a degreeMany Jewish refugees have been became away by making use of the British via antisemitism (seem up the Voyage of the Damned)

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    Antisemitism was not limited to Germany or the Nazis, nor was it original with them. It had existed for nearly 2000 years during the war, and exists still today. What was different was that the Nazis based it upon (presumed or imagined) racial differences rather than religious grounds. That aspect did not reach most other countries, but it certainly did expand the rationale for existing feelings.

    Jews were "special" in many countries at the time. For example, while the United States Naval Academy allowed Jews to enter, they were included in the yearbook in a "special place" on separate pages that were perforated and could be removed if desired. Subtle? Perhaps, but nonetheless a sign of feelings that existed in some places. Remember in the US the Klan was strong at that time, and they had no use for Jews either.In England the Jews were relatively well treated, but certainly there were those who held opinions, and while they might not have openly expressed them it doesn't mean they didn't. In most "allied countries" the same would be true. What feelings like that did exist were largely set aside to deal with the greater issues at hand, and, of course, the reality of the Holocaust wasn't widely well known, nor officially acknowledged during the war.

    Read about KINDERTRANSPORT - The 10,000 Children that That Hitler Missed. Kindertransport (Children's Transport) was the informal name of a series of rescue efforts which brought thousands of refugee Jewish children to Great Britain from Nazi- Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia between between 1938 and 1940. Kindertransport was unique in that Jews, Quakers, and Christians of many denominations worked together to rescue primarily Jewish children.





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    yes there was jews in england


    (The lands of Israel were lands that the Jews purchased from Arab tribal leaders )

    No orion these lands were stolen .after they killed the inhabitants and kicked the rest out of their lands and their houses

    how can you deny the massacres and ethnic cleansing just like that ?

    no wonder that they keep doing the same thing since 1948

    till now they still kill , rape and torture the palestinians

    what if i denied the holocaust that would be Antisemitism

    the antisemitism the scary word

    denying what i just mentioned what should we call it anti what ? anti humanity

    or hatred or cruelty

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