Pronounce These Words For Me. Please! (10 Points)?

How Do i Say Them In Spanish, How Do I Pronounce The Words. Thank You(;

1.) Déjeme sola.

2.) Me gustas

3.) Su un culo

4.) Mejor amigo

5.) guardar bajo llave; encerrar; cerrar; obstruir; callar; callarse

Which Ever One Of Them Mean Shut Up. Lol

Again I Thank You For The Help[:

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  • Argent
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    10 years ago
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    1.) Déjeme sola.

    DAY-hay-may SOH-la (leave me alone)

    2.) Me gustas

    may GOOS-tahss (I like you; literally, "you please me")

    3.) Su un culo

    soo oon KOO-loh (there may be a typo here; 'su' means 'his' or 'her', and culo means a$$ [butt])

    4.) Mejor amigo

    may-HOR ah-MEE-go (best friend)

    5.) guardar bajo llave; encerrar; cerrar; obstruir; callar; callarse

    gwar-DAR BAH-ho YA-vay (literally, "keep under key" -- keep locked)

    ane-say-RAR (to lock up)

    say-RAR (to close)

    ohb-stroo-EER (to obstruct)

    cah-YAR (to be silent)

    cah-YAR-say (to shut [oneself] up; to become silent)

  • 10 years ago

    1.) Déjeme sola.: Day-hay-may so-lah

    2.) Me gustas: May goo-stahs

    3.) Su un culo: Soo oon coo-loe

    4.) Mejor amigo: May-hor ah-mee-go.

    5.) guardar bajo llave; goo-ar-dar bah-hoe yah-vay

    Lol there ya go. The ones seperated by dashes are the same words, whereas spaces need a little pause.

  • Lleh
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    10 years ago

    Got a little extra curricular conversation practice going on, huh?

    Callarse is the word for shut up. The command form is cah yes say or cah yah tay. The second one is more familiar and more rude.

    I'll come back in a while and if no native speakers have answered I'll give you the rest of them. Jeffrey left out a few syllables.

  • 10 years ago

    1. dayhem sola

    2. meh goostas

    3. soon kooloh

    4. mayhor amigoh

    5. wuardar baho lahve; enserrar; serrar; obstrooeer; callahr; callahrss

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  • 10 years ago

    i'm in french (:

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