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If my surname orginates from Spain, does that mean I have a little bit of Spaniard in me?

So i was wondering if a surname (last name) had any connection with some of my

ethnicity. i am half mexican american (as far as i know) I don't think my family really

has any info on which part of the world my ancestors came from. My mom says that

we might come from some spaniard decedents but i don't know. I looked our last name

up and it originated in Spain.


last name is Jimenez

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    You can never know for sure unless you trace your ancestry.

    You could have spanish roots from europe, or somewhere along the line your family could have taken the name from their spanish conquerors and have not a single drop of spanish blood. Sometimes for whatever reason, someone changes their surname, say to to fit into a new society, or when they get adopted etc. and the name carries through generations.

    Such is human history that even if you traced your roots to spain, you might be surprised you're not spanish by genetics but Arabic, Jewish or African, as they formed part of the spanish population until the reconquest where many adopted spanish names and religion so they wouldn't be persecuted.

    Check ancestry sites on the internet to see if they could help you trace your roots.

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    You would definitely know if you have Spanish descendants. If your great grandfather knew his descendant you would know it. My grandfather knew his pure Spanish father and told me about it so I told our great grandchildren as well. That's almost a fifth generation starting from my grandfather.

    From world history we know that Spain gave their Christian surnames to all the countries or places they have colonized. Hence South America and other islands as far as the Philippines have similar surnames. Jimenez is common in different islands of the Philippines and yet they are not related.

    Our national hero have Spanish family name but they have no Spanish ancestry. His father took a Spanish word as his surname but not from the list of Spanish surnames shown to the people at the time.

    I hope this clarifies you. You can still visit the archives or the baptismal registry of the Catholic churches. The colonized countries were forced to be baptized according to Roman Catholic church rites.

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    there are a couple of reasons ur surname would be spaniard:

    1. ellis island...spanish decent

    2. an ancestor, maybe only a couple generations ago, married someone of spanish decent...or

    3. an ancestor changed their last name legally for any reasons they may have had personally

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    I mean, sort of.

    I'm Mexican American myself.

    I have...prove(?) that my great, great, great grandparents came from Spain.

    For those who don't... don't forget that as Spanish arrived, they mixed with the natives, hence Mestizos and all other labels.

    So it is probable that couple of dozen generations ago, somewhere along that line, there was a Spaniard.

    & don't feel lonely. Same goes for most of latin and central america. haha.

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