What does PC M273A(B) mean?

What does PC M273A(B) mean? what does the M mean before the numbers and what does the "(B)" mean? what are the charges for it if it's a misdemeanor and what is it for a felony?

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    California Penal Code 273a PC punishes acts of child endangerment. Simply put, this crime occurs when an individual either (1) places a child in a dangerous situation, or (2) allows a child to be placed in a dangerous situation without taking steps to protect the child.1

    Because this crime may be charged even when the child suffers no actual injury2, it is easy (and unfortunately also common) for innocent people to face prosecution under California child endangerment laws.

    The good news is that as former prosecutors and police officers, we know first-hand how child endangerment cases are investigated, prosecuted, and…most importantly…defended.

    Penalties, Punishment, and Sentencing for

    Penal Code 273a PC

    As a "wobbler", prosecutors can elect to charge Penal Code 273a as either a misdemeanor or a felony. The major deciding factor is whether or not the child was placed in a situation where he/she was likely to suffer great bodily injury (alternatively referred to as great bodily harm).28

    California’s definition of "great bodily injury" includes significant or substantial injuries. It excludes minor or even moderate harm.29 Because there is no exact definition of what constitutes "great bodily harm"…it is actually determined on a case-by-case basis30…overzealous prosecutors have a tendency to allege it every chance they get.

    It is important to remember that whether the child actually suffers an injury isn’t the ultimate issue31. The relevant factor is whether the child was placed in a situation where he/she likely to suffer injury. That said, if the child does in fact suffer great bodily harm, that factor will likely cause the prosecutor to file more serious charges.

    Penal Code 273ab – Child Abuse Resulting in Death to a Child Under 8

    If, while you have care and custody over a child under eight, you assault that child by means likely to result in great bodily injury…and the child dies as a result of the injuries…you could be charged with California Penal Code 273ab.46 This offense carries a sentence of 25 years to life in the state prison.47

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    Pc M273a B

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