Chivas v Morelia, your thoughts?

Well, it is obvious that the 5 players that left have made an impact on the team. I think Chivas where lucky to not receive 6 goals. On the first goa Hernandez really messed up the way he came out. Second goal, hats off to Morelia, that was a great goal. Third goal Hernandez could have waited a little bit, forgot what player was with Elias Hernandez but he could have waited a bit and not come out when the other player is already marked by a defender.

I'd like to see more of Coronado, he seems fast and is not afraid to go one on one with defenders, also he can kick a better corner kick unlike Nava. I'd like to see Michel Vazquez start over Omar Bravo, this dude has issues right now and is not focused on the game. Nava did not convince me at all, did not like his style of play. I like the fact that Mario de Luna started over Solis.

All in all Morelia deserved the win they played better. Lets see how Chivas do against Indios, these youngsters need to step up because now is their time. What do you guys think? What players would you like to see? What players should be benched?

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    10 years ago
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    I Totally Agree Nava Did Not Do Nothing Special That Popped In My Head To Say He Is A Possible Substitute And Morelia Did Deserve That Game I Am Just Happy Que No Era Una Goliada And I Think Victor Hugo Hernandez Could Prevented Two Of Those Gols I Also Agree That The 5 Players That Left Did Leave An Impact But We Still Have 3 Games To Adjust And Get Are Defense And Offense Ready For The Liguilla And Copa Libertadores

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    man all i have to say is damn i would love to see ramoncito back at chivas

  • ai no laik moruleia

  • 10 years ago

    where was the Mexican Messi?

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