Mini-JW Census On Y!A....?

When Vot joined this site 4 years ago (how much of my life the Yamster has stolen!!!), there were common claims by anti-JWs that there are no JWs in college. After people on here got used to having at least two JW college students on here (i.e Tears of Oberon and Vot), that false claim eventually died off.

Another claim around that time was that there are no elders on Y!A, and that the JW regulars had to keep their "Y!A-life" secret from the JWs in their real lives lest someone report them to the elders. After people on here got used to having some elders on here (or at least, have some JWs claim to know for a fact that some of the other users on here are elders) that one died off too.

Vot knows (well, as far as one can "know" these things online) that there are different "kinds" of JWs on Y!A: inactive ones, newly-baptised ones, publishers, pioneers, ministerial servants, elders, anointed ones etc

During some after-service chit-chat with an elder who regularly checks in on Vot's progress with her addiction to the internet in general *cough cough*, he mentioned that his roommate at Bethel is also addicted to the Russian equivalent of Facebook.

That made Vot wonder: Do we have any Bethelite regulars on Y!A?

You don't have to name names, just a "Yes" would suffice if you know of such a one.

There had been the claim back in 2008 that the members of the Governing Body regulate the JW answers on here and make sure all anti-JW Qs are deleted, but Vot thinks that's stretching things.

But hey- let's throw it in there: Do you think we have a member of the Governing Body on Y!A?


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    lol... I am attending a University and have been baptized now for about 2 yrs. I have been on here for under a year...maybe.

    I do know the Governing body keeps their finger on the pulse of what is going on not just in our congregations but through the world. I know this because we had a special assembly ad one of the Governing Body gave wonderful talks and told us so many things that are going on in our area. He stated "yes friends we are not locked away in New York with no idea what is going on outside the walls of Bethel, we have our finger on the pulse of the congregation." He went on to explain that many things like Y&A and other forms of communication sites can be used to defend our faith with out arguing, and to give a witness to the truth at the same time caution about those who may fall under the apostate category. There are people who have started bible studies over the internet... I am one of them. USA to Ghana Africa, these do need to be turned over to the local brothers.

    My (fleshly) sister has been a special pioneer, a pioneer for over 20 years. Has a Masters degree in teaching has served where the need is great, Bethel, and in a few countries and she is on line from time to time. She recently got married to a brother who is the DEAN of a College and they are off every summer vacation to different places. She speak Russian and can communicate Internet style with her Russian friends. Her and her husband are very active publishers and they also have the best education along with a secular education.

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    Well I recently found someone giving excellent answers that just seemed , shall I say, better, or more effective in answering some tricky questions than some of us are. We all try our best and do give an excellent witness, but this person really seemed extra good at it.

    Now that doesn't mean anything. It might just be a very tactful effective publisher. Lots of regular publishers can do that.

    So who knows? I've had the feeling for a long time that the brothers all know what's going on and are watching with interest because, let's face it, talking about Bible truth here has had some really great success in helping people turn away from false teachings and becoming faithful servants of Jehovah. We are also reaching people who might otherwise never be reached with the good news of the kingdom. This has to be something the brothers at Bethel would like to keep aware of.

    Looks around? Hmmmnnn... ?????

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  • vot, everyplace we are, we have an opportunity to witness. but i think your questions about who is what may be going a little too far. i get on here sometimes once a month, sometimes more. i try to find a question i might be able to give some good bible advice on. sometime i answer others that are something i may have knowledge about, hoping others can learn from my personal experience.

    but whether there are elders, bethelites or whatever on here, is really none of peoples business. i am a sister, have been for longer than you are old. please be respectful, don't expect answers to things you have no right asking.

  • Well if you believed what some of the opposers around here say, then yes I would indeed be a Bethelite whose Yahoo Answers "policing" and Trinitarian feather ruffling work is directly supervised by members of the Governing Body.

    I've also heard rumors that the accounts of the Pentaverate members (Tears, Vot, Abernathy, Colonel Sanders and the Queen) are also all manned by the exact same Governing Body member.

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    Yes, I do know of one sister on here that goes to a congregation with Bethelite's in it. Although she is not in Bethel herself, she will be applying soon. I'm almost positive at least. Maybe she will answer this question. She would know more than I do. :)

    ** I like Vot talking in the 3rd person. :D

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    I agree that most of the Bethelites lives are too busy to spend time here. And as for the GB, they are the reason the Bethelites are so busy. As for the mysterious "Y!A Hit squad" that takes down the bad spirited attack questions, that is the LEAST likely of all things. Otherwise they would be targeting the 2,000,000,000 "I Hate Jehovah's Witnesses" web sites, instead of the backwaters of Yahoo.

    So, NO, I know of no direct GB or any other Bethel family members.

    Isn't it wonderful to be part of people so well educated that the "little ones" can stand and reason from the scriptures!!

    (Isaiah 60:21-22) 21 And as for your people, all of them will be righteous; to time indefinite they will hold possession of the land, the sprout of my planting, the work of my hands, for [me] to be beautified. 22 The little one himself will become a thousand, and the small one a mighty nation. I myself, Jehovah, shall speed it up in its own time.”

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    I am not a JW, but I would like this chance to tell Vot that I appreciate that Vot is a valued member of the Y!A R&S community, that Vot contributes greatly towards the growth and enjoyment that attends Y!A R&S and that I hope Vot continues to bring sunshine to her friends at Y!A R&S for a long time.

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    No i should hope not. Y/A isn't exactly noted for being a reputable question and answer site, since most q/a are opinion based. But hey i could be wrong.

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    My name is sunshine and I am a bethelite, memeber of the GB, elder pioneer and a very good cook, and I'm here!

    okay... that was a joke (I'm JOKING I'm none of the above...) Sorry Vot, you know the haters are going to quote me (you KNOW they're reading here)

    Well, I'm 99.9999 % sure none of our brothers in the Goverining Body have time for this. Bethelites are on a pretty tight ship too... but who knows.

    I'm here, that's all that counts.

    Sunshine (no one special, just a publisher with too much time on her

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    Wow Vot, I thought you would have better sense than to ask a question that will no doubt draw apostates and reproach here. Some things are meant to be private. You might want to reflect on Matthew 10:16: " Look I am sending you forth as sheep amidst wolves; therefore prove yourselves cautious as serpents and yet innocent as doves." Galations 6:7 comes to mind as well.

    Do we perhaps think more of ourselves than we ought, Vot? We do not "throw" things about the Governing Body "in there" and *giggle* about it. Where is your proper respect and dignity for Jehovah's arrangement of things?

    Do some here like to be admired for their quips and supposed knowledge more than they should? There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom, with wisdom being applying in the correct manner the knowledge we have obtained.

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