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i'm a nurse here in riyadh k.s.a. working in a private dialysis centre.?

my problem is that the administration let me took licensure examination last january only, i've waited this for more than 1 year, but they did not let me know that it's for assistant nurses i just noticed it when i'm already in the examination site. i'm a 4 years graduate bachelor of science in nursing and a philippines registered nurse. do i deserved this? they deceived me, this is their fault and why they're letting me pay the examination fee? please help me. what will i do to solve my problem. one thing more we're only four nurses working in a 15 bed capacity dialysis centre, five to four patients per one nurse, w/c i know it is against the law of k.s.a. what will we do, can you please send me copy for that law so that i can discuss it with the administration? we cant tolerate it anymore. i'm hoping for your response, thank you.

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    i am from oregon and have found that whenever something illegall or rediculous happens to nursing staff like the ratios being too high etc. i always called the oregon state board of nursing. so call yous state board of nursing! they will help you and administration will be shivering in their boots when the state calls because the state has the law on their side and they are very knowledgeable about these sort of things,

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