DS: how does change work?

If you want to change the way a shelter or puppymill is treating the animals (i.e. heartstick euthanasia), what do you do? what political advocate do you write to? How do they help?

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  • Dale A
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    10 years ago
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    I can't tell you if its legal or not, or even its its humane or not. I have my doubts that it would be illegal to euthanize an animal like this.

    I can imagine that there might be cases where euthanasia through this method might be required, however I don't believe that it should be the general method used (as there are more potential complications).

    Have you ever seen the procedure preformed? Do you have first hand evidence that the animals euthanized like this suffer? Without it, I wouldn't be comfortable speaking out against the practice.

    That being said, the first step in making any change, is to understand the problem. Why does the individual do things the way they do it? Is it faster? Are they overworked? Undertrained? Do they not recognize the harm that they cause?

    I'd be reluctant to get law and politics involved, my experience has been that these entities move far too slowly and indecisively for my tastes.

    I'm reminded of a recent outing where we were trying to convince the workers in a dairy operation to use a local anesthetic agent when dehorning calves (industry standard is to not use one --- which I don't feel is humane). Simply by showing these people the right way to do it, and the difference it made, they were more than willing to accept the change. It didn't require law, or guilt tripping them, or getting them on the defensive, just a demonstration of a better way to do it.

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    I know I am quite late to this topic. lol I agree up to a point. I mean, I WOULD consider a dog as dog aggressive if he couldn't be around dogs without it breaking out into a fight, but I don't think that it should be blamed on the dog and I don't think it should be expected for dogs to be able to instantly become friends with every dog they meet. I don't think a dog is aggressive if he growls out or even nips a stranger that tries to touch him, because the dog doesn't know that person, and shouldn't be expected to warm up to him without even getting a chance to smell said person. I HATE when people say that puppy biting is a sign of aggression and is a serious problem. Lol, they are WAY off. I completely understand why a dog would be uncomfortable in any of these situations, and they are not THAT bad, but I think owners should make it their responsibility to make their dog more tolerant of these situations. Several days after I got my puppy, I was doing everything I could to get her used to uncomfortable situations. I would play with her ears, paws, and face and poke her everywhere. I would kiss her on the nose and make high pitched cooing noises and have people over that would do the same thing. I did all I could to make sure that she would NOT react in an uncomfortable situation and it doesn't bother her at all. That is what I think people should do, but that is just my opinion, and I don't know if anyone else does that. I don't think that we are letting the so-called "garbage" live and breed, because many of them are stable dogs. A dog won't react in an uncomfortable situation if it has been introduced to it from an early age, and I don' think the most reactive dogs should be bred, as I don't think the most submissive should be bred either. Only dogs with balanced temperament should be bred, not the two extremes. Different breeds also react to different situations. I am almost sure that even if you were to expose an Akita puppy as much as you possibly could to uncomfortable situations, it would still react if a stranger came up to it and rammed their hand in its face, whereas an APBR would NOT normally react in such a way if exposed to these situations. It all has to do with the basic breed temperament and exposure from an early age. I wanted my dog to be good with small children, dogs, and strangers, which she is, and I don't see my dog as "garbage" in any way. Just because she is a well adjusted dog, does NOT mean she is "garbage"!

  • 10 years ago

    Like you were told in previous answer:

    Stabbing an animal in the heart as a method of "Euthanasia" is illegal; therefor report this shelter to the police and they will make sure the illegal act stops.

  • 10 years ago

    Your best advocates are the ASPCA, Humane Society they are the only organizations that have enough money and pull to get anything done

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  • 10 years ago

    although I think it should be said when all the veins blow and it goes in the skin that is painful and takes a long time to work and the dogs and cats usually go into convulsions, and if a trained person does a heart stick it is much quicker, I have seen it preformed by a licensed vet and it was much more humane than the alternative.

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