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What's your favorite baby name (boy and girl) for each letter?

If there's none you like for a letter, don't worry about it.

For me:

A - Austin and Ava

B - Brandon and Brynn

C - Colin and Chelsea

D - Daniel and Dominique

E - Elijah and Erica

F - Finn and Felicity

G - Gavin and Grace

H - Henry and Holly

I - Isaac and Isabel

J - Joshua and Julia

K - Kevin and Kimberly

L - Liam and Leigh

M - Matthew and Madeleine (my name!)

N - Nicholas and Noelle

O - Oliver and Olivia

P - Peter and Paige

Q - none

R - Rhys and Ruby

S - Scott and Samantha

T - Travis (my bro's name) and Tara

U - none

V - Victor and Vivian

W - William and none

X - none

Y - none

Z - Zane and Zoe

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  • Ari
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    1 decade ago
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    A - Alexander and Anna (this one is hard, I like a lot of A names)

    B - Benjamin and Bailey

    C - Colin and Celia

    D - Dylan and Delilah

    E - Elliot and Emiliana

    F - x and Felicity

    G - Graham and Gemma

    H - Holden and Hailey

    I - Ian and Imogen

    J - Jude and Juliet

    K - x and Kate

    L - Lennon and Lilith

    M - Michael and Mariella

    N - Noah and Naomi

    O - Oliver and Olivia

    P - Peter and Piper

    Q - x and Quin

    R - Ryan and Rachel

    S - Simon and Shannon

    T - Tate and Tegan

    U - x and x

    V - x and Violet

    W - William and Winona

    X - Xander and Xyla

    Y - x and x

    Z - Zander and Zoe

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  • 1 decade ago

    A- Austin and Alia

    B- Braden and Bailey

    C- Carson and Charlotte

    D- Dustin and Delia

    E- Erick and Erin

    F- none- Felicia

    G- Gavin and Grace

    H- Hayden and Heather

    I- Ian and Isabelle

    J- Jackson and Johannah

    K- Kyle and Kaylee

    L- Liam and Leah

    M- Mitchel and McKenna

    N- Nathan and Nichole

    O- Owen and Olivia

    P- Peiton and Paige

    Q- Quinton and none

    R- Ryan and Reese

    S- Sawyer and Shaylee

    T- Tucker and Taryn

    U- none

    V- none

    W- William (Will) and Willow

    X- Xander and non

    Y- none

    Z- Zachary and Zoe

    A lot of mine match yours, but I didn't realize until I was done! =)

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  • Kayley
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    1 decade ago

    A - Alec and Ava/Alyvia

    B - Bryan and Bella

    C - Charles and Chancely

    D - Deamen and Demi

    E - Erik and Elizabeth/Emory/Everleigh

    F - Francis and Felicity

    G - Gavin and Gabriella

    H - Henry and Holli

    I - Ivan and IsaBella

    J - Joshua/Jakob and Jennette

    K - Kaleb and Kayley (my name!)

    L - Liam and Lyla

    M - Matthew and Madeleine

    N - Nathaniel and Nevaeh

    O - Oliver (Ollie) and Olyvia

    P - Peter and Penelyn

    Q - Quil and Quin

    R - Roger and Roxanna/Remi

    S - Samson and Sasha/Sarah

    T - Tyler and Tanya

    U - Urle and Uvee

    V - Vence and Victoria

    W - Wil and Wanda

    X - Xavier and Xander

    Y- Yuemi and Yvonnette

    Z - Zackery/Zane and Zoe

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  • 4 years ago

    Harlow Macy Bianca Harley Madden Benjamin

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Anthony and Amelie/Aubrey.

    Bradley and Bethany.

    Callum and Cora(line).

    Daniel and Dakota.

    Ethan and Eden.

    Finnley and Felicty.

    Gavin and Genevive.

    Henry and Hazel.

    Ivan and Isla.

    Jasper and Juilette.

    Kobi and Kassia.

    Lucas and Lilah.

    Morgan and Meredith.

    Noah and Norah.

    Oliver and Oriana.

    Peeta and Primrose.

    Quinton and Quincy.

    Ryan and Ruby.

    Sirius and Sienna.

    Tobias and Tori/Taylor.

    Urban and Unity.

    Victor and Violet.

    Wesley and Willow.

    Xavier and Xia.

    Yann and Yvonne.

    Zachary and Zara.


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  • none
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Aaron and Alexa

    Benjamin and Bella

    Callum and Charlotte

    David and Delia

    Edward and Eleanora

    Finn and Finnley

    Gavin and Gia

    Henry and Hallie

    Ian and Isabel

    Jacob and Juliet

    Kolby and Kiley

    Laken and Lucy

    Mackenzie and Macey

    Nathaniel and Natalia

    Owen and Ophelia

    Peter and Paison


    Riley and Reese

    Seamus and Sienna

    Tyler and Tally


    Vince and Via

    William and Waverly


    Yale and Yolie

    Zane and Zooey

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  • I love many of your names :)

    A - Annalise & Aidan

    B - Bridget & Benjamin

    C - Caroline & Connor

    D - Delaney & Daniel

    E - Esmé & Evan

    F - Felicity & Finley

    G - Grace & Graham

    H - Hannah & Henry

    I - Isobel & Isaiah

    J - Julia & Jackson

    K - Katherine & Keith

    L - Lucy & Liam

    M - Madeleine & Matthew

    N - Noelle & Nicholas

    O - Ophelia & Oliver

    P - Penny & Parker

    R - Ruby & Riley

    S - Sophia & Samuel

    T - Teresa & Tanner

    V - Vivian & Vince

    W - Whitney & William

    Z - Zoey & Zachary

    ♥кαуℓєє ℓуηη.

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  • 1 decade ago

    A - Andrew and Amelia

    B - Benjamin and Brenna

    C - Carter and Catherine

    D - Dayton and Delaney

    E - Ethan and Ella

    F - Finn and Fallon

    G - Greer and Grace

    H - Hayden and Hannah

    I - Isaac and Isla

    J - Joseph and Jillian

    K - Keiran and Kate

    L - Logan and Lily

    M - Mich

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Adam, Amelia.

    Benjamin, Belle.

    Caleb, Callia (Yes, CalliA, not Callie!).

    Daniel, Daisy.

    Eli, Emmeline.

    Frederick, Felicia.

    George, Grace.

    Harry, Hailey {my name!}.

    Isaac, Isla {Prn- EYE-LAH}.

    Jack, ------- {I don't like ANY girls names beginning with 'J', sorry Duggar family!}.

    - {I'm also not too fond of 'K' names}.

    Liam, Lily.

    Matteo, Matilda.

    Nino, -------- {I can't think of any 'N' girls names that I like}.

    Oliver, Octavia.

    Preston, Paloma/Poppy {I really do love both Paloma and Poppy, I couldn't chose, sorry!}.

    - {'Q' names aren't my favourite either}.

    Rhys, Rose.

    Seth, Serena.

    Tobias, Tallulah.

    Uri, Una {Prn- OO-NAH}.

    Viktor, Vivienne.

    William, Winnie.

    - {No 'X' names}.

    Yosef, Yvie {Prn EVE-EEE}.

    Zane, Zora.

    = )

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