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What do you do on Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remberance Day) ?

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    Well that depends on who organizes the ceremony. In Israel, the government prepares a public ceremony and they light up 6 big torches in front of the Western Wall court. They read names of the victims, let some survivors speak, play really sad songs that talk about that time, things like that.

    Around the world ceremonies are prepared according to their community guidelines. But in general that is what you can expect. A moment of silence, the lighting of 6 candles, one per million, the reading of names, most ceremonies will end with the singing of the Israeli National Anthem.

    Some ceremonies are held at community centers, and some inside synagogues, the Rabbi will say "Kaddish" which is the mourning prayer. In general , Yom Hashoa ceremonies are not that long, but they sure are extremely sad.

    Source(s): I am about to take part in one of those ceremonies in about 4 hours.
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    Commemorations selection from synagogue amenities to communal vigils and academic classes. Many Yom Hashoah classes function a communique by utilising a Holocaust survivor, recitation of suitable songs and readings, or viewing of a Holocaust-themed action picture. some communities decide directly to rigidity the intensity of loss that Jews experienced interior the Holocaust by utilising analyzing the names of Holocaust victims one after yet another — dramatizing the unfathomable concept of six million deaths. Many Jewish colleges additionally carry Holocaust-appropriate academic classes on or close to Yom Hashoah. Many Jews gentle a yahrzeit (memorial) candle in this present day.

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    One remembers & honor those whom are no longer with us. If we do not remember, we may all pay the price of it happening again.

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    we remeber the holocaust and pray for everyone who was in thee holocaust

    Source(s): sorry idk we dont celebrate it but wer Jewish!
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