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Health question about my Degu...?

I work at an animal sanctuary and almost 2 weeks ago one of our Degus had 6 babies. A couple days later when I went into work I discovered the mom dead and the 6 babies extremely close to death. One of the babies died before I left work. Seeing as my boss didn't think he could do anything about it..my friend took 3 of the babies, and I took two. Hers died on the second day because they were in terrible shape. But mine have survived. However, one of my babies died yesterday. He had been looking terrible the past couple of days..and the night before he wasn't even moving or eating. Yesterday morning I found him dead...with orange puss coming out of the side of his stomach. I knew there was something going on inside of him. I could just tell he was in pain. I have no idea what it was that killed him though..and I'd like to know if any of you know?

Please don't lecture me on not knowing much about them...it was either this or me letting them die. In my opinion I've done a damn good job so far.

But now, I'm concerned about my other baby degu. He took a nasty fall yesterday. I took him out of his cage for a feeding and (since he's extremely feisty and energetic) he leaped out of my hand (it had to have been atleast 4 or 5 feet from the ground) and he landed on tile. At first I thought he was dead...he looked like he had broken his neck. Then he started to move a little. I moved him to the carpet and he started trying to run to me..but kept falling over and running sideways. After a few minutes he seemed back to normal...,and today he's acting like he was before the fall...he's energetic..he eats very well...he runs around and jumps and plays.

But I just fed him...and I found a little bump on his tummy..right in the center. It's not hard..its very soft..and its like under his skin. It wasn't there yesterday. I just don't know what to do and I can't find anything online. He's only about 2 weeks old. Someone please help me.

Here is a picture of him with the bump


can anyone tell me what this is and what I need to do?


He also doesn't seem to be in any pain

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    I would venture to guess this baby will also die as well. When vet does your animal sanctuary use? Have you brought the baby to them? That's really going to be your best bet. If you don't have a on-site vet or a vet your animal sanctuary uses then try and find an exotic or small animal specialist in your area and get that little degu there as soon as you can.

    I would be very concerned, considering the mother an all the other little ones have passes. I wish I had an answer for you but if he doesn't seem to be in pain just make sure he's getting the nutrients he needs, maybe even a benibac (the beneficial bacteria packs) in small doses and keep him warm. If there were any other female degus or if you know anyone with a female degu (especially ones with new litters) you may want to try and introduce the little one to that female and see if she will take on the roll of being a surrogate mom. Degus are communal and the females will often take care of each others young but I cannot guarantee that they will accept the baby or that it will survive if they do. Best of luck - you are doing the very best you can in a hard situation but if the baby does pass - try and find a local vet to refer to about any and all of the animals in the sanctuary.

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    The forti nutrition professional heath for chinchilla's isn't endorsed for Degus, the molasses is for the duration of the whole bag - a well choice might be Forti Diet Crunch for Chinchilla's that has the correct components that might be healthful to your degu.

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    Oh I doubt you'll get any answers for this on yahoo. Hardly anyone even knows what a Degu is. I owned two once. They had babies. The babies all died without cause. The parents were found floating in my pool. Strangest pets I've ever had. So idk what to tell ya. Pleease go to a petstore that sells them. A vet won't even know probably. Ugh. =/ g'luck

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