looking for any/all information on relatives of Susan Sagert deceased?

Trying to find out where my childhood friend (Susan Sagert) is buried. I know she had one son but I do not know his last name as she had been married. Susan Sagert is the maiden name. She has a sister by the first name of Ginger. I have been searching for a long time. Perhaps I do not know the right search engines to use. I would like to bring flowers to her grave. Any information would greatly be appreciated.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Poor Susan. She is buried right here (that is me putting flowers on her grave):


  • 10 years ago

    You have more information they you are posting.

    If she was a childhood friend you have a age range based on you age so are you 80, 50, 30, 20? Post what yr range born 1920 to 1925 or 1950 to 1955 or 1980 to 1985 etc.

    Where were you living at the time, where was she living when she had "one son"?

    How long is a long time? What year did you find out she died? 1950? 1980? 1990? 2005?

    Are you sure she died? I may have a lead but I can't confirm she has passed away and I won't give out any information until I know more from you that matches what you have and I confirm her death.

    If you say you knew her in TX found out she died back in 1980 and the person I found was living in NY married in 1990 then not the same person.

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    10 years ago

    My suggestion would be to look online in the telephone directories for the surname in the area that you two knew each other from, you may then find a relation of hers such as her parents or brother and you could ask them the information you need about her directly to them.

    Also search the social websites like MySpace, Facebook, Friends Reunited, Classmates for the surname but also for other people you both knew, you may be able to get information from them.

  • 10 years ago

    She will probably be hard to find without knowing her married name. I couldn't find her in findagrave. When and where did she live? Would her parents still be alive?

    Source(s): ancestry.com
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