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How to step up voltage when the transformer that powers the city is overloaded?

The transformer that powers our village is overloaded which results in a drop of more than 60V (at the mains) when a 2000W appliance is started.

Will adding a 5kVA autotransformer to step up +60V, and switching to it through a relay (when the drop occurs) help in getting the desired voltage?

or will it take more power; the mains voltage will fall more? can we draw the desired current (A) using this method?

please elaborate.

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  • Percy
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    1 decade ago
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    During the 1970s, there was an "energy crisis" and one manifestation of this, was the nightly "brown-out" when the voltage would fall so far that television sets would not work. Various manufacturers provided a solution in the form of a voltage stabilizer which consisted of an autotransformer and an automatic tap changer. The problem with all such devices is that if everyone has them, the system is further over-loaded as Bill said.

    DO NOT connect an ordinary autotransformer to the supply in an attempt to boost the fluctuating voltage as this is very dangerous. Were the autotransformer to be manually set to replace a "lost" 60 Volts and the supply suddenly returned to normal, the output of the autotransformer would suddenly be 60 Volts too high.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You are correct, a autotransformer will just put more load on the main transformer and overload it more.

    You need a bigger transformer, or a reduce the load, those are the only choices.


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