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What is the AABA Song Structure?

I was reading about the AABA songwriting form and I have a couple questions that the articles I read didn't answer:

What is a bar? Is it a measure? How long does a bar last? I NEED AN IN-DEPTH EXPLANATION OF A BAR! LOL!

Is there a chorus in the AABA song format?

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    A "bar" is just another word for "measure." The time signature tells you how many beats are in a measure. So 4/4 would indicate 4 quarter notes, or 3/4 would indicate 3 quarter notes, etc.

    The AABA form refers to sections of a song. Basically, you have two different sections or melodic structures in the A part and a B part. You can assemble those parts in any order, but AABA would repeat the A part, then the B part, then one more A part. Verse-verse-chorus-verse is an example and in this case, the chorus would be the B part.

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