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What is worse for you, PCP or crack? or LSD?

I've been arguing with this guy that's convinced that LSD and crack are worse for you than PCP. I'm convinced that he's wrong, since everyone I've talked to who has done LSD says it isn't that bad. What do you think?

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    LSD in itself in non-toxic for the body, but it has a high mental price to pay, but you really have to be doing a LOT of it CONSTANTLY for it to effect your mind to the point of you being broken. The stereotypical space-headed hippies that we see and hear about did LSD by the ton when they were teens, and that's why they are all stony and space-headed (not to mention all the weed). Don't do chems when your brain is developing.

    LSD is really just keeping your mind in check. It can prolly screw you up plenty if you drank an entire vial at once, though.... but even asprin will kill ya if you take too much. LSD will just simply rewire your brain too fast for you to handle if you take a 100-hitter at once.

    PCP can distort your reality to the extreme, make you violent, loss of motor coordination... and can even put ya into a coma or simply deplete your body to the point of it shutting down due to skeletal and liver problems

    Crack depletes your body to the extreme. You will basically become addicted the first time due to the intense desire to repeat the experience once the high is over. Crack depletes your brain of dopamine, and when it does that and you continue to take it, causes hallucinations, violent behavior, complete loss with reality... long term use includes hair loss, teeth loss, weight loss, LIFE loss.

    LSD is a chem you take when you want to learn more about yourself and learn from yourself. PCP and crack is what you take just when you wanna get ****** up and you don't even care about the consequences.

    I tell you, if I have taken as much crack and/or PCP as I have taken LSD, I would be on the streets and/or prison, no teeth, no money, no human left inside of me.

    Source(s): Erowid and personal experience.
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    PCP can cause brain damage, LSD can give you permanent psychosis and so can crack. Crack can also give you ice-pick headaches and cause strokes.

    I guess none of them are great for you. Crack and PCP are probably worse on physical health, LSD is bad on your mental health, so is crack mind you.

    Which do you value more... Your body or your mind? I'll let you decide.

    Source(s): Plenty of experience with drugs and drug addicts
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    Crack and PCP are both around the same, damage-wise. PCP can cause organ failure, heart attacks, and olney's lesions, which are hundreds of microscopic vacuoles in the brain. Crack can cause heart attacks, stroke, and various organ failure. Physically, LSD is one of the least toxic substances known to man. It's effective dose relative to it's lethal dose is around ~1:5,000. That ratio for vitamin c is ~1:215. LSD is far physically safer than vitamin c. And you need vitamin c to survive.

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