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What's the difference now between American and Canadian healthcare?

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    Life expectancy in the USA: 78.0 years

    Life expectancy in Canada: 80.3 years

    Infant mortality in the USA: 6.4 deaths per 1000 live births

    Infant mortality in Canada: 4.6 deaths per 1000 live births

    Cost of health care in the USA: $7290 per capita; 16.0% of GDP

    Cost of health care in Canada: $3895 per capita; 10.1% of GDP

    Figures from 2007. See for infant mortality and life expectancy; see for costs.

    The USA also has lower life expectancy and higher costs than Austria United Kingdom Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Italy Norway Spain Sweden and Switzerland to name a few.


    Life expectancy at age birth: USA ranks 23rd

    Life expectancy at age 65: USA ranks 9th

    see table 25 both pages:

    In other words - if you survive long enough to get on Medicare (government managed care), you'll do OK in the USA

    For a real eye-opener, read

    Why does McAllen, TX cost twice the national average for health care?


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    Canada has a significantly better way of regulating the fee of therapy. medical doctors who care extra about their pocket or who get into the career in simple terms to make funds extremely of assuaging human suffering received't prefer to practice in Canada so that they arrive over the following. If medical doctors on the different hand are pleased with earning extremely a lot less even as practise their craft morally for the coolest of their persistence then they stay in Canada and flow to sleep with a sparkling moral experience.

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    Canadians pay for healthcare through taxes so everyone gets to see a doctor when they're sick.

    Americans pay for it through their work place. If your employer didn't have a plan or if you were not working you couldn't see a doctor.

    Also since it's private companies in America they used to like to find ways to deny coverage even if you were paying premiums. (This allowed them to save money by stopping you from going to a doctor they had to pay)

    The reforms are fixing some of that, but the basic jist is the same.

    Canada is helped by their government working with healthcare, and Americans are usually screwed by the private companies looking to make a buck.

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    If you are American and you can afford healthcare, it is available.It is built on a model of scarcity and privilege and a system of "NO Risks" for the insurance companies.

    If you are Canadian you get healthcare. It is built on a model of capacity rather than scarcity and a system of "Shared Risks" amoung all the people.

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    The Canadians flew in the Canadian women to the U S to have her record 8 kids They told us there was a bed shortage so the would explain why they flew a high risk

    An English actress had a skiing accident and they air-vac her over night to the U S They told us she was already died So that would explain why it was over night with a doctor as they had no interest in investigating her death

    One of their government ministers has come to the U S to have his operation and I presume they wanted to save the really good doctors for the people

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  • 10 years ago

    Canadians have a health care system. We're all slaves to the private death panels.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    not even our legislators know yet

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