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hermit crab smells odd?

so okay, i bought a pair of hermit crabs today. they're both very active (one is currently investigating a new shell, actually) and seem to be happy and healthy. the larger one (marcus) smells a little off...not the standard dead-fish smell of a dying hermit crab, but a weird, almost cabbagey odor. he's not lethargic, he's been climbing rather than digging, the room is about 72 F...i don't know. the only idea i have is molting, and he's not showing any signs of it. any ideas?

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    You probably want to get another heat source. 72 degrees is not warm enough for hermit crabs. You ened it to be at LEAST 75 deg F. And make sure your humidity is at least 75% also. 80F and 80% in ideal. If it's too cold, your crab might be digging to escape the harsh tank conditions.

    The molting smell smells like iodine. I would say to just leave your crab alone and keep your eye on him. :) Good luck.

    If you have any more questions, I reccommend visiting hermitcrabassociation.com The people there are very knowledgeable and supportive and can answer any crab questions you may have.

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    Not too sure...but i'd keep an eye out on him..usually when hermits start to smell...there off to hermit crab heaven. But not saying that's the case.

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    wow i dont quite have a definate answer, yet i did examine someplace that the huge pincher falls off if it pinches somebody and regrows it while it molted yet im no longer advantageous, because of the fact i havent examine it in any webpages. and as for the legs, hermit crabs unfastened their legs while they are under a brilliant sort of tension. at last, in the event that they lose sufficient, they die. as for molting, became ur crab digging plenty under water or nutrition dishes? or possibly under the wood? crabs have a tend to dig plenty and bury themselves under the sand. while they molt, they the two molt on the exterior or under the sand. mine molted on the exterior, and it regarded like a ineffective and bare crab only sitting on the sand. ineffective crabs generally carry lifelessly out of its shell and scent detrimental. yet possibly the scent that u have been smelling have been the limbs and claw that u took from the trash? possibly the garbage scent became from that, in any different case, u have no longer something to tension approximately reguarding burying a residing crab.

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