Why does our government get away with so many infringements of our civil and personal liberties?

Government has a practical purpose of protecting society by means of upholding their basic unalienable rights, which are listed in the Declaration of Independence (Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness). The function of government is necessarily that of preventing others from infringing on these rights, by making laws that preclude actions that may harm or kill fellow citizens (or otherwise restrict their liberties). Beyond that, our government is simply overstepping its bounds, and violating major tenets of the Constitution.

Culturally, we have seen the progression of this with everything from a "War on Drugs", to the Patriot Act, and now government acquisitions of private companies. All of these have been accomplished in the name of the "common good" under the auspices of "protecting" the people, but always seem to come at the expense of both our "Liberty" and/or our "Pursuit of Happiness".

At what point do we wise up and see past our preconceived notions of dueling dichotomies and see that both sides are lying to us? Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, both are completely wrong. Nixon started the War on Drugs, and every president thereafter simply maintained the status quo. Bush 43 sanctioned the Patriot Act and the growing of federal government, and Obama has simply propagated and compounded these mistakes.

Every president we have had since Washington has incrementally chipped away at our liberties, and thus our "Pursuit of Happiness"; and yet here we sit, still, like a frog in hot water getting ready to boil alive. At what point do we say enough is enough?

*End the War on Drugs, the Patriot Act, Big Government, and the death of liberty. Do yourself and your country a favor and don't vote based on party lines or preconceived notions. Do some research; yes this means BOTH sides of every issue. Question EVERYTHING! Some of the beliefs and assumptions I held onto the longest turned out to be the most blatantly incorrect, because you simply never think to question these things. Christianity, Atheism, Conservatism, Liberalism; all things that you should never, NEVER stop questioning, even if you are positive you know the truth. And lastly, vote Ron Paul for liberty!


I don't remember posting anything about priorities Tom. I specifically stated that our government "has a practical purpose" of protecting our unalienable rights. As a matter of implied "first priorities", logically every entity has self-preservation at the top of its list.

As for the priority of government to "create economic stability and competition", if you hadn't noticed Mr. Thomas Jefferson impostor, that is precisely the problem. These are absolutely not roles that government should play in society. How exactly should the government "create" this stability, by taking over mortgage companies and car manufacturers, or by capping salaries of corporate CEOs? Perhaps they should create "competition" by forming even more useless government programs that help destroy the private sector by raising taxes? No Tom, the more logical and intended role of government is to ALLOW economic stability and competition by STAYING OUT OF THE WAY! Ron Paul understands this, yet you cannot. Go figure.

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    The answer is the left is dumbing down American leftest voters, many no longer stand up for their freedoms they rather choose incentives and govt. welfare creating a social status of govt dependency. becoming inprisoned and crippled by the Democratic Party. They trade in their indenpendence for freedoms. This is a form of Democratic slavery, they exploit people for a voting block through govt incentives and welfare. Yes vote Ron Paul who embraces the Constitution! He would be a great one that could turn the country around. Do not get me wrong, some people need Govt. assistance, but the Democrats are notorious for funding their voting block at the cost of the good of the country.

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    Without dought yes in some ways we had less restrictions when we were fighting a world war .It is not the only threat to our liberties, we have against the apparent wishes of the electorate been taken into a political union with the EU instead of a trading partnership , we no longer have the death penalty again regardless of the electorate, nor can we ever have it debated in parliament. We no longer have the ability to control our borders even if we wanted to. The differences between the major political parties in this country are so minimal that it maters not who we vote for. We have an unelected Head of State an unelected Head of government, unelected ministers, civil servants and a unelected second chamber, the people that we do get to vote for have no power or authority so on second thought the answer is no we have no democracy to have freedoms in

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    First off, the governments first priority is not to protect people from infringing on ouur rights. The governments first priority is to keep itself alive. Its second priority is the protection of the people. Then they have to create economic stability and competition, etc.

    Second off, don't ever try to sound intellectual and the say vote Ron Paul. He is a joke. His policies are ridiculous and completely counter-productive.

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    The democrats use trade unions to set up the framework for communism. Unionized government is communism. When Unions take over and become a one party system by immigration of people into the united states, they will have a majority and then they can vote to not have term limits. The New York Congressmen do this every single year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The unionized media never report it.

    Then the workers are rewarded with high taxes and low pay and loss of property and freedom. Essentially Slavery

    Ron Paul is the solution.

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    I think that the government is doing a great job, keep up the good work. I think that the media has just over hyped its role in society and some idiots get passionate about news programs whose only real goal is to sell ad space.

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    Because we let them!

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