Middle Names for "Honor"?

I have recently been experiementing with names that I like. I'm not having a baby of anything! I just love the name "Honor" but I can never decide on the right middle name.

Any suggestions for middle names? If you can, could they NOT start with A, C, H, M, R, L, K, T, D, J, X, B, or F?

BQ: What do you think of the name Honor?


Sorry about being so picky! I have 4 favorite name combos for each gender, and I don't like reusing beginning letters. That's why I did this. The middle name I had been Danielle, but that D was already used. Though, I do have 2 C middle names, but I try not to do that. They look more balanced without the repeating beginning letter.

Thanks to everyone with suggestions though, especially the ones who dealt with my pickiness, hahaha :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    Honor Persephone

    Honor Samantha

    Honor Serenity (okok, double virtue, sorry!)

    Honor Sicily

    Honor Naomi

    Honor Nicolette

    Honor Victoria

    Honor Violet

    Honor Yvette

    eek, hard. Hope I gave some ideas! If you're looking for specific letters I like to go to babynamesworld.com or a similar site and search whatever letter, gender, etc I want and up comes a list!

    Good luck and happy collecting!


    Source(s): BQ: Sorry, I hate the name Honor. It just doesn't seem very feminine... and I don't like virtue names being to OBVIOUS like that (for lack of a better term). The only virtue name I like is Serenity. It's not as common or cheesey as the rest to me. IMO though, whatever you like is whatever you like. There's worse names out there!
  • 10 years ago

    Honor Elaine

    Honor Evangeline

    Honor Elise

    Honor Elizabeth

    Honor Giselle

    Honor Grace

    Honor Isolde

    Honor Isabelle

    Honor Nicole

    Honor Nanette

    Honor Noel

    Honor Olivia

    Honor Paige

    Honor Quin

    Honor Seline

    Honor Vivienne

    Honor Verity

    Honor Winnefred

  • 10 years ago

    So that leaves; E, G, I, N, O, P, Q, S, U, V, W, Y, and Z.

    Honor Elizabeth

    Honor Eve

    Honor Elise

    Honor Elle

    Honor Ellie

    Honor Gabrielle

    Honor Giselle

    Honor Grace

    Honor Gracelyn

    Honor Ivy

    Honor Iliana (ILL-EE-ON-UH)

    Honor Isabelle

    Honor Nadine

    Honor Neiko

    Honor Nicole

    Honor Olivia

    Honor Presley

    Honor Priscilla

    Honor Penelope

    Honor Paige

    Honor Quinn

    Honor Sage

    Honor Scarlett

    Honor Shannlee

    Honor Shannelle

    Honor Skye

    Honor Sophia

    Honor Sophie

    Honor Ursula

    Honor Ullee

    Honor Victoria

    Honor Vanessa

    Honor Valorie

    Honor Winter

    Honor Willow

    Honor Yasmin

    Honor Zarah

    BQ: I don't love the name Honor, but I don't hate it either. What I like about it is that it is unique and very pretty. What I'm not loving about it is that it doesn't sound like a name to me.

  • 10 years ago

    Honor Paige

    Honor Willow

    Honor Evangeline

    Honor Sage

    Love the name Honor

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I think Honor is a really pretty name! It depends on what kind of middle name you're going for like classic, edgy, whatever... and the last name but its always nice to have more choices than you need so with the letters you do like (e g i n o p q s u v w y z), how about:














    If you're into it you could pick a character from a book/movie or mythology even.

    Also I think Blue or Tabitha or Maya might be cool (sorry about the letters)

    I hope at least one of these is something you were looking for! Good look finding the perfect name!

  • 10 years ago

    So since you are being picky, I will use all the remaining letters that you didn't reject. And I assume this is a baby girl? You never said.

    Honor Elenore

    Honor Genevieve

    Honour Ianella

    Honour Nadine

    Honor Odelle

    Honor Patricia

    Honour Qianna

    Honor Savannah

    Honor Ulani

    Honour Vivienne

    Honor Willamina

    Honor Yvonne

    Honor Zoe

    BQ: Honor is not a name. But if it was, it would be cooler as Honour.

  • Here are my best ones, and I've tried to do everything you say. Sorry if disappointing. I love the name Honor. It's pretty, unique and it isn't a bold name like Ramona or Raquelle

    Honor Sarah

    Honor Eloise

    Honor Elaine

    Honor Giselle

    Honor Gianna

    Honor Ivy

    Honor Ivana

    Honor Nichelle

    Honor Naomi

    Honor Olivia

    Honor Opal

    Honor Paris

    Honor Priscilla

    Honor Prelaine (Pre-layn)

    Honor Queen (That sounds like it's studious)

    Honor Sarise (Sar *as in "are"* - ees)

    Honor Unique

    Honor Uminity (Yoo-min-i-tee)

    Honor Verique (Like Unique but with "ver" not "un")

    Honor Veronica

    Honor Victory

    Honor Victoria

    Honor Wish

    Honor Zinnia

    Source(s): MY MIIIIIIIIIND
  • I like the name Honor. It's pretty and interesting. Though since Jessica Alba used it for her daughter, it probably won't be unique for long.

    Some good middle names for it are:

    Honor Ivy

    Honor Evelyn

    Honor Penelope

    Honor Quinn

    Good luck!

    Source(s): For more information on baby names: http://www.amandabarden.com
  • 10 years ago

    Well I would've said Honor Rose or Honor Rae but you aren't keeen on R...

    Honor Zoey

    Honor Violet

    Honor Olivia

    Honor Brooke

    A website recommended

    Honor Alya

    Honor Claire

  • 10 years ago

    Honor Olivia

    Honor Emery or Emerson

    Honor Stellan

    Honor Brightan

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