Is it OK to not always feel so OK?

Your comments will be most appreciated, will ya offer em?

Thanks Y'all in advance.

Too soon it happened in 20 short years

no longer shedding any tears

no longer stressed by a most recent mess

just blind and I find so much left I want to express.

It's all OK, I'll manage my way

if ya pity me I feel sorry for you cuz I still wanna play

I was never so much more than I am now

a country kid who has to learn how

to live in yer world of pretty clear sight

as I move into life long night

To those I know, please carry on long

please in your lives find a sweet song

I'm never gonna be too far away

even if I never again see Red, Green or Gray

I spent my time sometimes in the sublime

I've tried to express in reason and rhyme.

I've never wished any would end in Hell

in fact for much of my time here I've wished you all well

so now abstractly I want to say

break yer pinata and enjoy yer next day.

Some of ya I love, some of ya I like

but to none of ya did I ever mean a negative strike.

So many of ya accepted me here

and when I leave it's with a joyful tear.

Kelsey I love you so to help me with this.


Daany R it is minbe. It is about me, and I'm well aware of many things.

Update 2:

Smilkes Bear.

Update 3:

Scooter, smiless ab biig hugs

Update 4:

Hugs you so tight love child. I love my glock too, LOL. Mine is Pink, hahaha. Thank you sweet one.

Update 5:

Hugdsyiu too Rev. Yed I hve read it yes I have it in my library, yes i believ it, an d even losing muy sight i will forever keeop up the gooder fight.

Update 6:

Hugdsyiu too Rev. Yed I hve read it yes I have it in my library, yes i believ it, an d even losing muy sight i will forever keeop up the gooder fight.

Update 7:

~~^.,.^~~ I so love the ID name an your connection. May the Great Spirit, wtch, guige and orprotect you all day.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    Absolutely it is! There is an old book that you might find useful forget the authors name but it is called I'm OK - You're OK.. And you certainly do have reason to feel not OK. Why do bad things happen to good people? Job Chapter One.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Hi Baby Girl,

    This is so lovely and I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to come into your space and with wonder behold such a beautiful face. I've marveled at the ability to express your deepest emotions, bring a smile to others all while carrying such a heavy weight. From the sounds of it, you'll begin a new journey soon. But, your creativity & fire will forever burn and you'll be as successful in your wonderful expressions on that journey as you were in this one. Your passion & creative fire will never dim and no matter the state of your vision, I'll always see that Sparkle in Your Eyes.

    Much Love Lady Wisdom,


  • It must be o.k, as I Have felt it a lot, I am starting to find my center and moving away from the fringes, being sick with LD has given me a new outlook on life, some make fun of me and say I am not really sick, and I simply don't care any more what they think, Life is precious, life is short what we do with it is sometimes not clearly laid out... and when life sends us curves we should bend into them and feel comfort rather than always seeing the worst.. not sure if any of that made sense, I am typing through my own dense fog today.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    It is more than ok, and I have poems that are as this is, not one of those gems that make every fiber of your being sing, but area part of you that demands expression nonetheless. you seem to write best when you focus on your interactions with other people from varying(!!!) walks of life, but I can clearly see that this one was a gift to us so that we can know a bit more about your mindset and you are damn straight laying yourself bare here for those who would attack- I am happy that ha not been the case so far. but even if they do, you have a lot of us here who got ur back!

    and i went out and practiced with my 9mm this good night little poetess!

    what am i sayin, 'little' im only 5'2" lol

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  • 10 years ago

    I assume this is not your poem, but a poem you helped a partner write. Their way of showing their thanks for what you have done. In such a case, I personally would not publish this work, but keep it for myself. However, if they have asked you to post it, then their work is liable to be critiqued. That's always a risk, when your intentions are good, but the trolls are out there waiting. Has this been posted before anywhere, as I seem to find it a little familiar?

  • Mary
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    You're fine. Actually you're better than fine - you're healthy. You're a young man with a libido. It's a good thing. As you get older and older (I'm talking 40s, 50s) you'll slow down. From your friends, you're probably hearing alot of discomfort about masturbation; jacking/jerking off, rolling/spanking/smacking the monkey, knuckle babies, a date with Mary Palm and her five sisters/friends, rubbing one out, finger orgy, yanking it... as you can see there's alot of names for things that people are not completely comfortable with. That discomfort clouds really defining what is good and what's bad about doing it. It's like watching two pigs kissing - you're completely unfamiliar with it and looking at it objectively is difficult. So, looking at your Rubbing One Out objectively - you're OK. There's nothing you're doing that is above or below standard. As a matter of fact - you're average. And that's completely fine. That one kid that talks about doing it 5 times a day - or not doing it at all - that's his rhythm and it works for him. It would probably kill me - or bore one of my friends who does 12 times day... you see my point. Different strokes for different folks (pun intended). What you should be aware of WHEN you're doing - ah, besides the stimulation that's prompting you to jack off - is what you're body is doing. Technically, you're TRAINING your body to orgasm; how, in what way, and unfortunately how quickly. Biologically, men are wired to orgasm fast because when we were all cave men having sex put us in a very vulnerable position. Many of us didn't have caves or tree nests to copulate in so we had to do it quickly. As a matter of fact - the quicker cummers were more likely to spread their seed than the slow ones. So survival of the fittest had the quick ones breeding more than the slow ones. Am I making you cringe yet? Keep reading. So your pursuit of the White Lake is programming your body to orgasm quickly - before your mom, dad, the janitor, or a family member comes in. Just like before where primitive man wanted to impregnate before the lion, tiger, or previous mate came in. The more frequently you do it, the more that programming will stick. Don't get me wrong - after a year of healthy solos you won't be stuck and need reprogramming - it takes a long long long time to get into a rut - but just get to know what the cannon preparing to fire feels like. This will also help you prevent other more serious things like unwanted pregnancies and unexpected in-laws. When the first act finally happens (and you're either a virgin or you're not there's not such thing as a "virgin" - that's like saying she's kind of pregnant) all these hours of flesh workouts will have an effect - either big or small - on your performance between the sheets. Women, require much more stimulation then men. Penetration - in the stimulation conducted therein - is about the last 5 - 10 miles of a 100 mile long journey. (As you get older, the journey gets longer) Porn is ridiculous in that sense that it presents women as wanting to and willing to run-and-gun all the time like men can. But porn is good for jacking off which is really what's important. So being aware your body does not orgasm too soon while you're running that 95 miles will be important. You can't possibly 'practice' doing the two bear mambo without a partner - but you can understand what it feels like before you sprout happiness all over the computer table to prepare the long journey of being a good partner in bed. Lastly, and don't let some uptight partner tell you otherwise, orgasms on the solo flights are most likely always stronger, with partner orgasms are more commonly better and more fulfilling. As for the water drinking - that's actually very good as well. Water is an excellent purifier and I don't believe the two are related.

  • 10 years ago

    Your poem expresses your feelings very elequently. When you cab capture the idea of your own angst ans ahre it in such a way, it adds to the ability to share a greater range of feeling in your poetry.

  • 10 years ago

    Yes it's ok to not feel ok all the time. We all have those moments. That is a very beautiful and emotional poem. You are very talented

  • It's normal to feel that way at times. My heart goes out to you. :( The Poem is emotional & sad but to the point. Another good job.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    How very beautiful Dallas ... wow wee woman ... you are so very talented my dear ... it just seems a crime ... to be stopped in ur youth, to stopped in ur prime ... we just chatted on IM for 2 hours again, and I thought you tired and you were going to bed ... why you sweet little stinker, my sweet baby brat ... so that's how you treat me, you treat me like that!! ROTFLMAO ... baby girl, may you always keep ur beautiful & most positive attitude & may God always walk with you darling hand in hand, with Kelsey on side and me on the other ... OMG woman what a wonderful thought, to be there beside you, as we go for a walk ..... Peace 2 u always my darling sweet girl ♥♥♥

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