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What do I do about my Marine recruiter?

I called my recruiter to tell him I wouldn't be at the monthly IST meeting that he said every has to be at. I called him cause I had a meeting at my work and everyone had to attented it. Well he got pissed off and said that he was going to drop me from the DEP due to the fact I only make the meetings not to often. We have the every week and I get busy with work, homework, and Ive moved 3 times since ive been enlisted. Anyways Ive been enlisted since May of last year and I leave in June, I only have 2 months left and he wants to drop me now. The guy I talked to (Is a Sgt) that wants to drop me wasn't the guy who recruited me it was his boss (Is a SStg) he just moved up since I was enlisted. Anyways the Sgt said he wanted to drop me ever since he started and that SSgt didn't want to. When I was on the phone Sgt he got pissed and starting swearing and starting saying I will drop you and that he is going to talk to the SSgt and drop me tomorrow. Ive come to far for this and I get pissed with him cause he doesn't know where my SS card is every week I call him (I call him every week to check in) and he keeps saying "Oh ill get it to you next week" well its been since Dec. And I also ask him if I can see my contract and he says he is unable to get it for me. He also said he is gonna make sure no one else recruits me.

Okay heres the point I have to far to just be dropped cause I didn't make some meetings so if they drop me what do I do. A Marine I work with said if the Sgt is not willing to let you stay go to the SSgt if he does the same go to there boss and tell them whats going on with work and the SS card and contract. He said everyone has someone with a higher rank that wants you in.

And if I stay how do I get to see my contract?

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    You porbably wont get dropped, they just want you to show up more often, which you should. If somehow they do drop you, you can get recruited by someone else.....pretty easy. They want to recruit you, thats how they get paid, so dont worry about it.

    Source(s): USMC
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    Contact his boss. If you don't know who that is or how to get a hold of him contact his Sgt Maj. They are not hard to find. Where ever you went to MEPS is where his Sgt Maj is stationed and you can find all of that information by doing a simple google search for your MEPS location and there should be contact information for all of the Staff there at MEPS. Find the Sgt Maj and give him a call and explain things to him.

    Source(s): Had to contact my old recruiter's Sgt Maj about some stuff and it wasn't fun.
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    you need to understand that the military has priority in your life once you sign the contract. maybe you should be telling your boss at work you might miss a few events, you konw, because you joined the marines.

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