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List as many impossible things as you can?

So I'm bored, and this is a way I can do somethin. List as many impossible things out there that you can. LOngest answer hets best!

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    1. Exceeding the speed of light.

    2. Counting to Infinity.

    3. Solving the 15 puzzle.

    4. Squaring the circle.

    5. Doubling the cube.

    6. Bench-pressing 100000000000000000000000000 pounds.

    7. Stealing the Lincoln Memorial.

    8. Teaching a legless man to tap dance.

    9. Finding a unicorn in your backyard.

    10. Traveling back in time through sheer willpower.

    11. Eating yourself.

    12. Finding a Pikachu.

    13. Bringing a dead person back to life.

    14. Living forever.

    15.Reproducing through asexual budding.

    16. Jumping over the Empire State Building.

    17. Shooting lasers through your eyes.

    18. Being in two places at once (unless you're a subatomic particle).

    19. Licking your elbow.

    20. An elephant jumping.

    21. A dog learning French.

    22. A cat learning Spanish.

    23. A horse learning Italian.

    24. Regrowing a severed arm (for humans).

    25. A woman fathering a child.

    26. A baby without an X chromosome in the 23rd pair surviving.

    27. Curing anencephaly.

    28. Surviving with a 200 temperature.

    29. Escaping from a black hole.

    30. Skateboarding without a skateboard.

    31. The following sentence making sense: This sentence is false.

    32. Literally achieving the impossible.

    33. A man with no testicles fathering a baby.

    34. A woman with no uterus giving birth to a baby.

    35. Truly destroying matter or energy.

    36. A person having three biological parents.

    37. The existence of a plane with zero thickness.

    38. A postmenopausal woman conceiving.

    39. Uncracking an egg.

    40. Unburning a piece of firewood.

    41. Knowing everything.

    42. Traveling at a negative speed.

    43. Having a negative mass.

    44. Knowing all of the digits of pi.

    45. Knowing the last digit of e.

    46. Being able to do anything.

    47. Undetonating a bomb.

    48. Finding two integers whose quotient is pi.

    49. Creating a polynomial in one variable x for which the natural numbered values of x will exactly yield the prime numbers.

    50. Creating a triangle in Euclidean space for which the sum of the measures of the three angles is not 180.

    51. Drinking all the water in the ocean.

    52. Surviving with no blood at all in your body.

    53. Creating a perfect pangram that is also palindromic.

    54. Finding an even prime number other than 2.

    55. Getting the gold cat medal on the first stage of the second world of Blinx with the default sweeper.

    56. Creating a right triangle in Euclidean space which does not satisfy the Pythagorean Theorem.

    57. Defying gravity outright.

    58. Finding a sequence of 12 prime numbers that are all exactly 1 apart.

    59. Two objects occupying the same space at the same time.

    60. Going back in time and killing your mother before your own birth.

    61. Seeing ultraviolet light with the naked eye.

    62. Holding your breath for 46 years.

    63. Magic.

    64. Running 46000 miles per hour.

    65. Turning into a jar of apple sauce.

    66. Curing HIV.

    67. Curing Alzheimer's.

    68. Curing genital herpes.

    69. A tiny one-inch tall man living in your nostrils.

    70. Having a head one thousand times larger than your body.

    71. Finding the largest number.

    72. Getting out of checkmate.

    73. Winning Monopoly when all of your properties are mortgaged and you have no money left.

    74. Having a conversation with a blurry photograph of the Loch Ness monster.

    75. Knowing for sure what happened to Amelia Earhart.

    76. A skeleton break-dancing.

    77. Gouging out your own eyes and still being able to see.

    78. Surviving being on the surface of the sun for 12 hours.

    79. Surviving for 19 years without water.

    80. Finding the letter e in the book "Gatsby".

    81. Biting your own neck.

    82. Eating with your mouth glued shut.

    83. Digging to the center of the earth with your bare hands.

    84. Swimming all the way across the Atlantic Ocean without ever stopping.

    85. Being recoginzed as a country by the United Nations without having a government.

    86. A quadraplegic winning a marathon.

    87. Spontaneous combustion.

    88. Measuring a volume smaller than the Planck length.

    89. Making a sound in space.

    90. Finding out for sure who Jack the Ripper was.

    91. Life on Earth existing without the sun.

    92. Flying by flapping your arms.

    93. Spelling the word "extraneous" correctly without using the letter x.

    94. Ghosts.

    95. Vampires.

    96. Werewolves.

    97. Phrenology being right.

    98. Calculating the first 1 quadrillion digits of pi by hand.

    99. Knowing the largest prime number.

    100. A duck fathering a snake.

    101. A snake fathering a duck.

    102. Dragons existing.

    103. Looks killing.

    104. Bringing your imaginary friends into existence.

    105. A 25-letter pangram.

    106. Two men having vaginal intercourse.

    107. A transwoman having a baby.

    108. Gay marriage in the state of Georgia.

    109. A man being 300 feet tall.

    110. A crocodile milking its young.

    111. Organisms deliberately evolving.

    112. Surviving a 440-decibel blast of sound.

    113. Polygamy in the state of Georgia.

    114. Surviving AIDS without treatment or medical attention.

    115. A 27-letter perfect pangram.

    116. Zeus

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    1. To Count To Googolplexian (10,000 Zeros I THINK)

    2. Memorize 800 Quadrillion Digits of Pi

    3. Illuminati

    4. To Find A Real Pokémon (Example: Pikachu)

    5. To Copy & Paste A Symbol That Doesn't Exist

    6. To Be The World Record For Everything (Even The World Record For Most World Records Broke For 1 Person) 7. To Know ALL Math Problems That Exist

    8. To Walk While Flying

    9. For You To Do Anything On This List

    10. To See This List Even Though I'm Still Typing This (If You Do See This While I Type, Can You Please Tell Me What's In The Future?) 11. To Speak Every 2,000+ Languages

    11. To Enter A Police Box (Dr. Who)

    12. For This List To Get Over 21 Quadrillion Thumbs Up

    13. To Solve An Impossible Word Search

    14. To Read A Blank Piece of Paper

    15. To See Light When There Is No Possible Way To Actually See Light Where You Are

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    Impossible Things To Do

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    List as many impossible things as you can?

    So I'm bored, and this is a way I can do somethin. List as many impossible things out there that you can. LOngest answer hets best!

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    It is impossible to imagine a new color

  • 5 years ago

    I've solved the 15 puzzle.... and have licked my elbow

  • 5 years ago

    Steeling a apt.

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    send me any one impossible thing but that should be reasonable thing like walking on water like invisible or any thing..... buzz me on yahoo messenger here is my id

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    Purple unicorns.....

    I'm out.

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