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How do I improve my time in the 200m dash?

My fastest for the 200m is 37 seconds, and there are only 3 girls that are faster than me. I need tips on how to improve my time. Should I sprint the first half, then slow down? Or is there some other good technique? plz help, my track meet is tomorrow! thank u :)

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    How to Run 200m faster:

    I think the key to running in any race well is to stretch your leg muscles first, especially the front and back part of the thigh for sprinters. Then take a warm up jog around the track, focus on getting your legs to feel loose. On the back stretch of the track, while jogging, focus on lifting your knees in a comfortable jog, and as you come around the second curve, focus on pumping your arms around it.

    If you want to be better than most sprinters then you must understand this concept, perfecting your technique in sprinting will improve your speed. To measure your progress, set your objective on bettering your best, not on beating someone in particular.

    There are four phases to sprinting the 200m, they are; the start, the top of the curve, running down hill from the top of the curve and, running the flat 100m.

    The Start:

    Standing Starts: If you are taking a standing start do this.

    1.) Place one leg out in front of the other.

    2.) If your right foot is out front, hold your right hand and arm behind you and set your left arm and hand in front of you. Throw your right arm forward and left arm back to start.

    3.) Do the reverse of 2, if your left foot is forward.

    Starting Block Position: If you are down on one knee at the start, with or without starting blocks, do this.

    1.) Set your starting block position down as close to the right hand side of your lane as possible.

    2.) Get into the set position by placing both hands comfortably behind the starting line. Have your hands open and have your thumbs facing each other.

    3.) When the starter says set, raise your hips to where it feels like it is shooting a straight line to the finish line. This is very important; never raise your hips all the way up.

    4.) When you feel comfortable in this position, take a deep breath and hold it until the gun goes off. If you are in blocks, push out with both feet, not just one.

    5.) Important! When the gun goes off which hand should come up first? If your right knee is up when you get into the starting block position, then your right hand comes up first and your left hand moves backwards.

    6.) The reverse is true for number 4, if your left knee is up, then left hand is up first.

    The Top of The Curve:

    Your objective when leaving the blocks is to get to the top of the curve at top speed. There is not much thinking going on at this point.

    Running Down Hill From The Top of The Curve: Leaning around the curve.

    Once at the top of the curve, think of yourself as running down hill while leaning to your left.

    If you are in lanes 1, 2 or, 3, leaning while running around the curve is quite difficult and will restrict your running speed and stride. There is a little known way to compensate for this restriction in speed by using a technique called the “T Torque”. This is how it is done.

    Stand and spread your arms and legs out as though you were doing the jumping jack exercise. Hold your arms and legs in that position. Twist your shoulders, from your waist up, to the left so your right shoulder is center in front of you. Next drop your elbows into a running position. This is your body position while running the curve in a “T” torque position. It will look like your legs will be running forward while your body is running sideways.

    Your head is turned to the left and your hand position becomes extremely important. The hands must be open like a knife. Your right hand and arm is moving up and down towards the football field. The left hand must graze your bottom as your hand goes past it. This is because when you are running the curves very fast, the left heel of your left foot comes up very close to your bottom. It leaves just enough room for your open left hand to slip in and out of that space. If your left hand is too far out or in a closed fist position, it will hit your left foot and cause you to break stride. (Game Over)

    To maximize your speed in lane 1, lean your right shoulder into the curve some. By doing this you will find that you can run easier and as fast as you want to in lane one. The torque in your waist causes your right leg rotation to easily follow the curve of the track in an almost natural way. Focus on bringing your left knee straight up and down while running the curve. If you are running in lane 2 or 3, do not twist your torque as hard to the left when running the curve. The twist in your stomach may feel strange at first, but in time you won’t even notice it.

    In coming out of the curve in the “T” torque position, as you are approaching the straight away, you must begin to twist your shoulders back to the right into the standard way of sprinting on the straight away. Think of yourself as bringing your plane around to land it.

    The Last 100m:

    This is where the good separate from the not as good. Holding top speed past this point takes technique. If you are beginning to feel stiff and start to jerk at this point, you have not been relaxed enough in your running. You will go no faster. (Continued in sources)

    Source(s): If you are feeling comfortable at this point and want to shift into a faster speed do this. Open your hands and make them stiff. Hold your elbows at about a stiff 45 degrees and begin pumping your elbows to the back harder and faster while staying relaxed. The faster you move your arms back; your legs will automatically follow. Stay relaxed by relaxing your shoulders, swinging your arms in a straight line forward, having your hands come up towards the side of your face while keeping your shoulders from moving back and forth and, lifting your knees as high as possible to and through the finish line. Condition plays a large part of running the 200m well. Practice 400m (run one walk one) at 85 to 90 percent of your top speed and focus on your straight away technique at the end of each 400m practice run. This will prepare you for faster 200m finishes. For breathing see 100m - ptfa.geo answer:
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    The technique for 200 m dash is different than 100 m dash. The more stamina you have the better result you will get. For starting up a race you have to give all 100% the first 60 m dash than do 80 % with keeping running technique knee up and moving your arms. Moreover, start accelerating before end of the curve, move one accelerating until the end. Notice, if you felt tired on the last 40m or 30 m just move your arms and do not make your body hard relax.

    Also, to help you do better in 200 m you must do 300 & 350 m by 6 set a 3 min rest twice a week in order to build good stamina and power.

    good luck

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    These are some of the dumbest answers Ive ever reas in my entire life. Ive ran track my entire high school career, the 100m and 200m. My freshman year I ran the 200m at 30 seconds flat. My senior year I am now running it at 23.9 seconds. I used to think "jog the curve sprint the straight away" but when its comes down to a race that wont do it. As soon as you leave that block you sprint your 100% until you cross the finish line. All I can say to get faster is work on your form, stretch, and practice your races.

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    How To Run The 200m

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    No never jog or start fast always give it 100% unless you dont have good stamina then give it 90% and then 100% trust me ikno i run tracc for high school i run the 200m in 23.18 seconds and i give it all basically 100%

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    besides practiing several sprint ladders go to the weightroom and workout explosively.(squats are probably the best thing since it works your glutes,hamstrings, and lower back. which is very essential for sprinting. google posterior chain muscles for better comprehension). and dont forget to do ab workouts. even if you dont get "ripped", as long as your abs get stronger. very important.

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    start off slow, start getting faster, take bigger steps, inhale and exhale slowly no matter what and if you start to get tired start breathing as fast as possible and push yourself and try to throw your body forward with each step, like a leap

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