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Republicons: If Record Cold is proof that Global Warming is a hoax, is Record Heat proof that it's real?

"92! Record-Breaking Heat Sizzles NYC: 81-Year-Old Central Park Record Smashed By April Blazer: 92 Degrees Measured At 1:57 P.M."

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    Only liberals would jump to conclusions about isolated data points as was revealed by the email scandal.

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  • 3 years ago

    The snow section is the effect of an insignificant a million/10 of a level, yet that a million/10 makes a distinction. An air mass that a million/10 of a level warmer will p.c.. up a whale of diverse greater moisture because it strikes over a somewhat warmer ocean. the effect is diverse heavy moist snow because it overruns a chilly air mass. the effect of a small quantity of warming could be way out of proportion to that small quantity of warming. of direction if it became into basically a one off snow typhoon that throughout the time of itself might have not any bearing on the situation, yet coupled with countless hundred scientific records factors the 'typhoon' does illustrate the direction that the worldwide's climate is shifting. it fairly is too undesirable that greenhouse gases won't be able to be considered with the bare eye, that ought to placed all of this denier BS to relax. The information is overwhelming. it fairly is a actual shame that the coal and oil mafias and the main appropriate wing radio dummies that stooge for them shop this denier enterprise going. those adult adult males strikes border on criminal habit.

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  • 10 years ago

    I am not a democrat and sure as hell not a republican but if you look at the facts you realize global warming is a sham. I believed it for a while too when my high school teacher taught it to me. The world goes through natural cycles of sunspot occurrences. This changes the climate. Back in the 1600's there was a mini ice age in Europe. English bays froze over. Now the earth in 2012 is experiencing the most extreme sunspots it has in a while. But that's natural.

    "the increased brightness [from sunspots] of the Sun tend to warm the Earth"

    oh and it was 63 degrees here in the desert of Southern California today.

    Source(s): 1. Eddy, J.A. 1981: Climate and the role of the Sun. In Rotberg and Rabb 1981, 145--67 (5). 2. Friis-Christensen, E. and K. Lassen 1991. Length of the solar cycle, an indication of solar activity closely associated with climate. Science 254, 698-700. 3. Willson, R.C. 1997. Total solar irradiance trend during solar cycles 21 and 22. Science, 277, 1963-5. 4. Rotberg, I. and T.K. Rabb (eds) 1981: Climate and History. (Princeton Univ. Press) 280pp.
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  • 10 years ago

    Warmest since 1920 something. Does that mean there was global warming in the 20's and cooling since?

    BTW, NYC experiences the Urban Heat Island Effect, so the numbers coming directly from the city are skewed because of all the glass and concrete.

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  • 10 years ago

    Democrats will say it's real regardless of the weather, because it's not about the environment. It's about power, control, and money. Figure out who stands to gain from the global warming scam. Hint: it's not the average citizen.

    Also, please realize, cap & trade will not reduce pollution in the world. It will just drive it to a different place. Probably a third world country that hasn't the laws or the resources to mitigate its effects. People who adhere to the global warming theory will actually hurt the environment. And people trading in the carbon credit industry will line their pockets with your money. It's a huge scam. How do you feel knowing you are being tricked? How will you like it that your well-meaning heartfelt concern for the environment is being used against you?

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  • 10 years ago

    The only trend they understand is an election trend, and only if less than a week away.

    Added - "It's a huge scam. How do you feel knowing you are being tricked? ". I get a good laugh when people take the side of those who hire PR firms in the business of "selling doubt" and tell YOU you're the one being duped! Classic! :)

    Added - "IPCC scientist: Global cooling headed our way for the next 30 years?…" The first thing you'll notice in this disinformation piece is the misspelling of the scientist's (Mojib Latif ) name. And here: Mr. Latif a climate expert at the Leibniz Institute at Kiel University in Germany, said he "cannot understand" reports that used his research to question the scientific consensus on climate change.

    Jeez, another one.. Okay, Added - "Now the earth in 2012 is experiencing the most extreme sunspots it has in a while. But that's natural". Ummm... Have you actually ah, FOLLOWED the sunspot cycle? If you did, you'd know we're just maybe coming out of a solar MINIMUM. As in:

    Spotless Days

    Current Stretch: 0 days

    2010 total: 6 days (6%)

    2009 total: 260 days (71%)

    Since 2004: 776 days

    Typical Solar Min: 485 day


    This is gettin' to be like "Whack-A-Mole".

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  • 10 years ago

    No. Isolated events that confirm their opinions are proof. Isolated events that contradict their opinions are anecdotes.

    If you want to understand further how this works, read about doublethink in Orwell's classic 1984. Nobody gives a more insightful view of what passes for 'conservatism' in modern US politics than Orwell.

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  • 10 years ago

    You Warmists claim that an isolated incident cannot be used to refute Anthropogenic Global Warming.


    All of Europe and the Continental United States had record lows and snow last winter. That is a TREND, NYC's one-day high is an isolated incident.


    Source(s): IPCC scientist: Global cooling headed our way for the next 30 years?
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  • 10 years ago

    Remember the ice age?!? How bout when all that ice melted? Are you really concerned about the natural cycles of this planet or are you attempting political gain with trumped up "science"

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Weather patterns have changed, warmed, cooled, and altered, since the beginning of time. So-called Global Warming made a lot of people rich. Remember the big Y2K scare ? Kinda like that.

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