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How strong is the competition for ESL teachers who want to teach English in Italy in the big cities?

Are there a lot of English teachers in Rome, Milan or Florence? My dream is to teach English there for a year- but I want to be connected to a big city. What are my chances?

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    Hi, you really need to do some research on your chosen city. Rome and Florence are quite popular, so you will find more established "long-term" teachers there. If you only want to teach a year, why not start off an experience teaching at a summer camp? And some of those are in the bigger cities, too, called City Camps, run by ACLE. Good luck and enjoy Italy!

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    There is competition but there are jobs available. I am sure that if you persist you will get work (or you may even drop into a great job just like that with no problem at all). It depends on where you go, what you have to offer and what the situation is like when you are there.

    In general you'll need a degree (although there are still possibilities if you do not have this) and a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate to get a visa and work.

    The TEFL certificate can be taken either in-house or online at your own pace which is a much cheaper option (e.g.

    To work in Italy you'll need also to have a passport from a European country for the visa. There is possibilities without it but it won't be easy.

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    it all matters on how much you really want to teach it at Italy because every day people from other countries come here to learn English but i think the competition is gonna be as hard as it is here in the US to get a job

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