OSCommerce/STS, how to add a dropdown for parent categories, then for child categories, then grandchild cats?

What I am trying to do is just put a basic dropdown box on a page that is populated with all the categories, then once one is selected, a second box appears that has sub-categories, (which of course depends on the category selected), and then a 3rd level of categories depending on what was selected at the second level.

I am using the STS module but am un-aware of the syntax of how to do the above. I know we would have initially the level 1 or the Parent category dropdown box, then on selection we would pass in the database query parameters, then make the second level categories visible. Likewise for the 3rd level. I also believe it would only be a few lines of code and I am not sure how to write it and I can not figure out the keywords to find something similar on OSCommerce. So if anyone has any thoughts and advice, I would very much appreciate it.

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