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white light containing all colors (wavelengths) except blue....?

...except blue passes through a prism and reflects on a white surface. at the place where we would normally see blue light we would see______

A green

B white

C blue green

D violet

E black

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    Since you are looking at a spectrum minus the blue, you should see black where the blue would be.

    EDIT: To 2nd answerer, yellow was my first thought, and would be the color of the light if it weren't spread out into a spectrum. The question asks what color is in the spectral position where blue would appear, and that has to be black.

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  • starks
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    3 years ago

    rather, the sky has no shade: it rather is obvious. At evening, whilst the sunlight and Moon are under the horizon, it rather is black, different than the place the celebs shine by using it. whilst the Moon rises, it turns gray: mild scattered by the air molecules, yet no longer vivid sufficient to set off the colour receptors in our eyes. whilst the sunlight is interior the sky, it turns blue because of the fact of Rayleigh scattering by air molecules, or white because of the fact of water molecules. it remains sparkling, inspite of the undeniable fact that, in view which you could discover the sunlight and Moon by using it, or perhaps vivid planets and stars in case you realize precisely the place to look. whilst the sunlight is low interior the sky, or slightly below the horizon, the sky shows different hues simply by complicated scattering and refraction.

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  • Iby K
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    10 years ago

    complementary color of blue is yellow

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