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Rate my pokemon soul silver team?

Garchomp - Adamant - outrage, sword dance, earthquake, substitute / item: Persim Berry (gets rid of confusion)

Porygon Z - Modest - Nasty plot, tri attack, recover, thunderbolt (adaptability ability = x2 on normal attacks) / Item : Chopel Berry (lowers effectiveness of fighting type moves done to porygon Z)

Tyranitar - Adamant - Outrage, crunch, stone edge, earthquake / item: persim berry

Lucario - Modest - Aura sphere, dragon pulse, calm mind, substitute / item: leftovers (heals hp)

Gengar - Modest - Destiny bond, psychic, dark pulse, sludge bomb : / item : black sludge

Scizor - Adamant - X-scissor, sword dance, bullet punch, substitute / item: leftovers

This is a sweeping team =D well my sweeping team. And yes i know there are no wallers or annoyers or anything 0.o comment and tell me what you guys think about it, if i have to do any

adjustments to make it better feel free to post =]

BTW: Most of them have substitute because while sub is out i use sword dance or calm mind to power up then attack like there's no tomorrow =D

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well first Garchomp is now UBER so you can't have him on your team unless you are Uber battling. Futhermore, Lucario is NOT a legendary so don't listen to the top post. Just because a Pokemon is Legendary doesn't make it Uber. UBER Pokemon include Wuabbafet who is not legendary, but has broken like abilities like shadow tag with high HP and counter/mirror coat with encore. Celibi is Overused and not a uber even though it is Legendary. Same goes for Suicune and the other dogs.

    That being said, Lucario does not need sub or calmind. His defence is not high enough to take more than 1-2 hits. Even if you sub it will just be destroryed the next turn and you wouldn't beable to calmind with out being hit. If your Lucario is speical sweeper just have Shadowball, Aura sphere, vaccum punch and hidden power ice. Item should be choice specs.

    Next Gengar doesn't need destiny bond or what ever you have right now. He if he is a special sweeper he should have


    Life Orb Timid

    Moveset EVs

    ~ Shadow Ball

    ~ Thunderbolt

    ~ Focus Blast

    ~ Hidden Power Fire / Explosion

    4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

    Scizor is almost right but....

    Name Item Ability Nature

    Swords Dance

    Life Orb / Leftovers Technician Adamant

    Moveset EVs

    ~ Swords Dance

    ~ Bullet Punch

    ~ Brick Break / Superpower

    ~ Bug Bite / Roost / Quick Attack

    4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

    Tyranitar is almost right, just take out Outrage for pursuit. Once stuck in Outrage a Gliscor will wall and own you with Earthquake. Also use choice scarf as the item he is way to slow and really can't take hits. If anything he needs to lead your team. Here is a good set for him as a lead.


    Chesto Berry Adamant

    Moveset EVs

    ~ Stone Edge

    ~ Payback

    ~ Rest / Earthquake

    ~ Stealth Rock

    252 HP / 32 Atk / 224 SpD

    If you want to nasty plot with Porygon Z just take out recover, he will die in one or 2 hits anyway. Just put in ice beam or dark pluse with life orb.

    Now as the rating before the changes....3/10. Not a very good team since Gliscor and Blissey will own your behind. Many other bulky walls like Brongzong, Celebi, Suicune, and other OU Pokemon will pwnzor you. IF you plan on using Garchomp, then you have no choice but to battle in UBER where you will get flatten (-.-). Just make my recommended changes and you move up to 6.5/10. As for the swtich on who will replace Garchomp....thats up to you.

    To get more information check out

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  • 1 decade ago

    Its a really great team I would rate it a 7 because I don't know the levels.

    The only real problem I find with the team is running a Legendary. (Lucario) Running legendaries are usually frowned upon because well everyone knows how over powered they can be.

    But thats just the only problem I found baout it. Other than that I really like it.

    Source(s): Been playing pokemon games since they like very first came out. ^.^
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