Help with STEAM download?

I am downloading counterstrike:source using steam, and it is stuck on 44% and now has stopped downloading completely, how do I fix this?


Thank you Jack, it is working :D

Update 2:

thank you both for your info so far, i am glad that i don't need to pay again if it messes up :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are many possible reasons like:

    • Internet connection problem

    • Steam severs are down

    • Hard disk space on computer

    • Steam (Re-open)

    • Computer (Settings, network card, ....)

    • Internet provider (Blocked you, there sever/s are down)

    • Anti-virus software

    • Random problem so you might have to start it again

    • Steam settings (Server you have chosen to download from)

    There are many random problem which can occur.

    If none of these work email steam support on there website.

    Hope I helped.

    Don't worry about paying for it again if you have to start it again as steam can see if you have payed.

    Source(s): Experience (Same thing happened to me) {Re-opening steam worked for me}
  • 1 decade ago

    you might have paused the download, right click it and press download and it should start again, if not pause it, close and re open steam and then continue the download

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