Evolution of attraction-we no longer look for the protector?

I was thinking about this this morning and thought you guys might have some input.

In the past, it was important for a women to find a warrior. Someone large, who could protect her and her family as well as hunt and build, correct? So naturally, this is what women were attracted to (just like man are attracted to symetrical, healthy women with wide hips for child bearing).

I know many people who are attracted to short guys, or really skinny/boney men, etc.. Is this somewhat of an anomelie (like homosexuality) that would have occured through the ages? Or is it because society no longer requires women have a 'protector', that attraction has evolved?

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    Where a woman is in her menstrual cycle and the hormones connected to it also influences what she seeks for in a man. I find that very interesting. At one point of the cycle we look for testosterone high "brutes", your warrior, but later on in the cycle we look for the kind of guy that will be good with the kids. I think that it's in our "system" because women way back in the time had the same needs. Think of it, most things that's programmed into our bodies are there because it has been an advantage for a couple of 100,000 years or so.

    I'd also argue that, yes, warriors were good to have but they would not be good/safe as mates since warriors also risk their lives. The woman and children would be without help and support if the warrior died in battle. Women would be better off looking for a diplomat or a wealthy man that could hire the needed warrior. Even a hard working man that provided her with shelter and food would be better than the warrior.

    That we have the luxury of being attracted to people of all types is a rather current social event. Today a person's worth is not determined by how hard they can work physically (desk jobs can earn you more) or if they can give birth (cesarean birth). Our society has changed and that's why we can pick a mate without any deeper concern about certain "survival" traits that were important in the past.

    A man that was looking for a wife 100 years ago would probably never look twice (in interest) at the super skinny women that are popular today. The idea woman was chubby back then, chubby women survived hard times and starvation better.

    Women of today still look for the "provider" when it comes to men, but how the provider looks doesn't matter anymore, other things matter more. A woman that prefers skinny men will not pick just any skinny man, she will pick the one that can give her what she needs.

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    This is really a complicated question and requires a complicated answer. Unfortunately I cannot give it to you. You can look on pubmed. There is a lot of social conditioning done (through media, advertising, etc) which forms are perception of attraction. Especially for women, women are more sensitive to this type of stuff because they have keener sense of perception. Thats why you see a continued campaign of feminization of men in this society, women want men who are feminine, or gangsters. And gangsters are really gay, because they come from prison, where most of the male population engaged in anal intercourse. I suggest you look up lenon honor on youtube and look up his movies. Here is one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zhBCnlwLgQ

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    its called devolution of the sacred feminine. Very thought provoking.

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