think i got scammed on craigslist with a fake check for $1500, and spent half of it, what should i do?

ok so i posted a part from my car on craigslist about a week 1/2 ago for sale for $40. since then iv been applying for some loans in the rage of $1500 so that i can finish restoring my car. i got an email from a guy regarding my craigslist posting, saying hes going to send me a check for my part posted on craigslist. i didnt really think much of it and didnt think i would ever get a check from him.

but a few days later i get a check in the mail for $1500, and since i had been applying for loans, i automaticly figured it was a loan. the name on the check said National Financial Services LLC which was on the upper left corner, and on the upper right corner it said JP morgan Chase Bank.

so the next day i deposited the money into my account, and started buying parts for my car. as of now iv spent around $730 of the $1500. today i got an email from the guy again saying he checked the delivery status, and said the check had been delivered to me. but i told him i never got a check, and he got mad and emailed back saying, DO NOT TELL ME THAT, i checked and it was delivered to you, here the tracking number, check for yourself. so i check and it did say delivered. then i realized wait i got the $1500 check by UPS. so im geussing it was a scam and a fake check from this guy, not a loan. and in a few days the bank will find out right?

so what should i do? and whats going to happen? am i going to end up having tp pay the bank back all the money i spent? even though i got scammed and had no idea?

is there any way out of this, to where i come out clean?

any help, or advise would be highly appreciated, im alittle scared on whats going to happen, because i absolutely do not have the money to pay back to the bank.

thank you.

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes,you will have to pay the bank back. The fact that you got scammed is not the fault of the bank.

    If you can find the person who sent you the check,you can sue them for the money.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The bank may not be very sympathetic if you did not apply to National Financial Services for the loan.

    Scamming on Craig's list is common. Do not spend any more of the money. If the check bounces, and it very well may, go to the bank immediately. Explain what you said here, bring all documentation with you (the Craigslist ad, the application for the loan) and tell they you don't have the money to pay.

    But, you did use the money and you must have expected to pay back the loan you applied for. So tell the bank you will make the same payments to them that you planned to make for the loan.

    Depending on the loan officer, if you make a good faith offer to pay, they may accept it.

    Beware Craigslist. There are lots of crooks and scam artists on the list.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Call your bank right away to report that you think you were scammed.

    Tell the buyer that you never received anything and that someone in your building must have forged your signature on the delivery and that you have reported this theft and forgery to the police so they can investigate. Do not let them know you received it or deposited it.

    You will be liable not only for the full amount of the cheque but also any bounced cheque fees, and may be investigated by the police

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You are liable for the money, whether you knew it was a bad check or not. You are going to have to pay it back. You can call the cops and report the crime as mail fraud, but the likelihood this guy will be caught is slim. Should have paid closer attention.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you ever get scammed over $1000, please report it to the And also you can post your scammed story at and let others beware so that they don't get scam like many of us.

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