Do you think aliens are walking among us?

A recent survey shows that 1 in 5 people believe that aliens are disguised as humans. ( The Reuters Ipsos poll of 23,000 adults in 22 countries notes that more than 40 percent of people from India and China believe that aliens are hiding behind those "human masks." What about you, do you believe they're walking among us?

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  • 10 years ago
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    As far as i know..GOD did not make alien/s.

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    10 years ago

    Well we can never tell if alien do exist but we cannot say they do not exist in the past they said that flying was impossible but today man can fly they can reach the sky so could it be that they(aliens) do exist time can only tell when we will know the scientist of our world is always looking for answers about the mysteries of the world it is only a matter of time when they found out aliens do exist

    So when we hear this question if they walk among us the first thing that may come in our mind is why do they walk among us? the question now has another question and when we can answer that then we can answer the first question

    This is only a hypothesis and i do not have proof so please do not react

    Aliens landed on earth a long time ago seeing man for the first time felt intrigue about humanity that can this beings develop as man progress the aliens studies this being looking and recording there evolution even they do not know where they came from amaze of how they strive to survive as time grew by an they have come in man's side looking and seeing for an opportunity to show themselves to interact

    We can never say that aliens do or do not exist maybe the great minds of our planet are aliens maybe you are an alien but do not know it maybe we do not really are from this planet only visitor

    we can never say

  • 10 years ago

    Do you think aliens are walking among us? NO~! >_<

    Aliens? What is the definition of an alien?


    1. An unnaturalized foreign resident of a country. Also called non-citizen.

    2. A person from another and very different family, people, or place.

    3. A person who is not included in a group; an outsider.

    4. A creature from outer space: a story about an invasion of aliens.

    5. Ecology An organism, especially a plant or animal, that occurs in or is naturalized in a region to which it is not native.

    If it's for the definition number 4 then that survey is non-sense. Come on people, WAKE UP~!

    Mentally ill/Retards are the only who believes that aliens (def. 4) exists. ~_~

    Source(s): The Free Dictionary blah blah blah. -_-
  • 10 years ago

    I´m not sure ... but looking at human history concerning our ability to deny things that we can´t explain or how powerful some institutions like e.g. the catholic church were able to bend the truth in order to support their picture of the world... it probably would highly impudent to not consider the possibility.

    I don´t know if that would be in disguise among us... but then again maybe there are technologies and / or other possibly biological abilities that would make it impossible to notice. So therefor I consider the possibility and declare the position saying "no there aren´t any" as a similar position like those once taken during the medieval time: "the earth is the center of the universe, cause god made us as crown of his creation.... the sun is is moving around the earth ... the earth is a platform from which we can fall if we attempt to reach the limits of the ocean"....and so on ... I think you know what I mean ... wake up we are sending probes to the different planets and it is not too long ago...that we thought the moon was made of cheese.... lol

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  • 10 years ago

    It is possible. To dismiss something outright is very careless. The vastness of the universe tells us that such possibilities are indeed possible. Science is still young and cannot explain everything just yet. The technology we currently have is inadequate to prove or disprove that such phenomena are happening this very minute.

    Demons aren't true as they are of a religious nature while aliens (although undocumented and not yet proven) have a better chance of being in existence and could possibly be walking among us right now. Demons are a product of man's inability to explain the supernatural. Our tendency is to turn to the nearest explanation which stems from stories of old and archaic entities. The time will come when an explanation will be available but for the meantime, let us not say things with finality. In this universe, anything is possible.

  • Possible. Being a man open to any possibilities, I believe that the occurrence can be, in a way, feasible. Humanity's capabilities are limited and I believe we've yet to evolve. Adding the fact that there are billions of stars and millions of galaxies throughout the vast universe, I think finding a planet that can support life just as Earth can, is highly likely. There is a possibility that a number of species of intelligent life forms that are alien to us have developed faster or developed earlier than us humans, thus giving them the benefit of better technology, more advanced science and possibly, a higher stage of evolution. You'll never know, it may be true. I mean, look at us, we've probed the planets, we've landed on the moon and all, looking for signs of life in the solar system. Unfortunately, we've found none, so far. Maybe they're doing the same, looking for other life forms, the only difference is they have a farther reach. It's curiosity that spurs intelligence which soon leads to discoveries and advancements in science, if used properly. They're probably interested in our species on how we interact, on how we develop, etc. It may be knowledge or it could also be that they polluted their planet as well and are now scattered throughout the universe, looking for a refuge.

    It could also be that they want our worlds to interact but then they are afraid to show themselves because our scientists might treat them as animals, experimenting on them and probing through their anatomy when in fact, we should be treating them as equals, as an intelligent life form, with logic, and brains just like ours...

    But then all of this is a big "MAYBE..." Nevertheless, we should be open to the possibilities, denying it only signifies your fear of the unknown or a denial of the possibilities of those sci-fi flicks you've watched. This is a big IF, and we've no reason to just ignore this possibility.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I think there are two ways to answer that question: mentally and non-mentally. By "mentally" I mean a kind of psychological explanation, and by "non-mentally" I mean a non-psychological explanation. A psychological explanation is a mental state of those who feel or believe that aliens walk among us incognito. A non-psychological explanation on the other hand is the fact (a state of affairs independently of the mental states that feelers and believers have) that indeed aliens walk among us incognito. The latter can only be confirmed/justified empirically while the former is simply a mental state without necessarily having a content or a subject matter outside the mind. The former is essentially the state or condition of people who are mentally ill. Only mentally ill people believe some claims just because they feel or believe them (like belief in God, Santa Claus, or fairies).LOL

  • 10 years ago

    I believe in a lot of supernatural things not that I have proof, I just want to be open with the possibility that our planet is not the only one to be able to support complex organisms as we are. I just thought that if there are others out there, they might be as clueless as we are on how to travel such a vast road as the space. Looking through history also gives us an idea that "maybe" we have been visited before but thinking that they now walk among us still create a big question in my mind if ever it is possible. I believe if some creatures do find us it wouldn't be too long before we knew it. Anyway our human form is not created just for us to be able to wear good clothing and cool tattoos, it's made to adopt and survive in our own environment, scientifically speaking. So if creatures from another planet come here and try to wear "masks", how can they survive in our own environment, unless of course complex organisms on outer space only means human forms and a living planet only means what earth itself possess like it should have earth's atmosphere, oxygen level, etc.

  • 10 years ago

    Being involved in the deliverance ministry (casting out demons or exorcism), evil spirits are all around us. I have seen people vomit, cough, spit, tongues stick out, foul odors, etc when confronted during sessions. One of the weirdest was when i talked to a lady upside down. She had her feet up against a wall while her head rested on the floor. They can even affect governments. A demon once boasted they were going to do something big in Malacanang Palace. This is the Philippine President's residence here in Manila. This happened during February before the military made a coup de tat. And true enough during the latter part of that month, the military destabilized the government.

    The problem with most modern people is that they are too Westernized in their thinking that they leave out the supernatural. They only look at the world as four dimensional, that is, consisting only of a space time continuum. In other words, a purely material world. They turn a blind eye when something supernatural happens. Like it or not, spirits are here to stay among us to deceive, steal, kill and destroy. And these spirits do not follow the natural laws of our world. They defy the laws of physics, gravity, etc. It's a pity really when we can have victory over them.

    However, the Maker of heaven and earth has not left us in the dark. It's written in the Bible how to test them and deal with them.

  • 10 years ago

    There are may articles that I have already read regarding this matter.I am from Philippines anyways.

    Aliens do exist although they are not concentrated into what I can call "a single race." There's a group consisting of "bad" aliens and the other one "good."

    Concerns about aliens connects to the existence of the Bible and of the notion of God(s) and Jesus himself. There are many theories (suppressed evidence?) that also present ideas of aliens making contact with earth.

    What I can say, is that I think they really exist, however their presence have been covered- up by either the United States (search for 'MJ-12" in the net) or some secret societies or brotherhoods.

    To conclude my stand on this topic,I'd say that all things relate to each other thousands of years back, up until now.Conspiracies are the core of such secrecy that mankind have been really manipulated, and yes I think, until now.

    Source(s): The net.Thank you.--,
  • No I do not believe that Aliens is living and disguising among us. Considering the infinite vastness of the universe and galaxies, there are other life forms out there and they may also be thinking the way we think about other life out there in the unknown, that is why, they cannot be out here disguising to be one of us. Aliens do exist, but they are out there in the far end of the universe billions of light years away from Earth, hence they cannot be here. Consider also the Earth's atmosphere, to these Aliens it may not be able to sustain life. All these "Alien" things around us is just a product of man's imagination and literature that is a very lucrative business. Hollywood was able to capitalized on that and made us enjoy watching these movies especially with today's sophisticated special effects.

    Discover more of our beautiful-fragile planet, there is more to taking care of our only planet than to think of those "Aliens" disguising among us.

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