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誰可以幫我翻譯下面文章 出20點

PHOENIX – He was one competitor from victory at 2005’s Royal Rumble – but Batista upended him. He was one second from basking in glory at 2008’s SummerSlam – but Batista refused to quit. He prevailed over five others to capture the WWE Title at this year’s Elimination Chamber – but Batista came and fought it away.

During some of the most pivotal moments of his career, John Cena has failed to overcome the force of just one man: Batista. Until now.

After an intense clash between two of WWE’s preeminent powerhouses on The Grandest Stage of Them All, Cena finally unleashed all manner of fury on The Animal, captured his seventh WWE Title and can once again proclaim, “The Champ … is … here!” (PHOTOS)

The victory, however, was far from assured. In the weeks leading up to the brawl, Batista successfully employed psychological warfare, worming his way inside Cena’s psyche, mocking his squeaky-clean image and trying to convince him that he could never defeat The Animal. However, just six days prior to WrestleMania, Cena crashed through a phalanx of security and attacked his tormentor on Monday Night Raw, vowing that Batista “would never keep [him] down, no matter what.”

True to his word, Cena entered the match with a full tank of gas and plenty in reserve. The two Superstars locked in various holds early in the match, intent on wearing down their opponent. As the match progressed, the two powerhouses began to trade cement-shattering blows. As a result, a hint of fatigue glimmered on each of their brows, but neither would relent. Instead, Cena kicked out after a rumbling Batista Bomb, and The Animal also escaped in the wake of an emphatic Attitude Adjustment. Finally, though, Cena would clamp down upon Batista with a savage STFU, leaving The Animal no choice but to tap out.

In the end, Cena displayed the steely resolve of a warrior, vanquishing any self-doubt he harbored leading up to the match and returning to form as “The Champ” on The Grandest Stage of Them All.


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    鳳凰城 - 他是一個競爭者從勝利在2005年的皇家朗布爾 - 巴蒂斯塔,但他走向末路。他一秒鐘從陶醉在榮耀在2008年的SummerSlam - 巴蒂斯塔,但拒絕辭職。他戰勝了其他五人來捕捉癲癇標題在今年的消除商會 - 巴蒂斯塔來了,但打它拿走。

    在一些最關鍵的時刻,他的職業生涯, 約翰塞納 未能克服的力量只是一個人:巴蒂斯塔。到現在為止。

    經過激烈的衝突兩種 WWE的卓越強國的宏偉的舞台,他們都是塞納終於釋放所有的方式,憤怒的動物,抓獲他的第七癲癇標題,可以再次宣稱,“在冠軍 ...就是...這裡!”(照片)

    這場勝利,但是,遠沒有得到保證。在之前的幾個星期到鬥毆,巴蒂斯塔成功運用心理戰,驅蟲途中內塞納的心靈,嘲笑他的吱吱作響,清潔的形象,並試圖說服他,他可能永遠無法戰勝的動物。然而,僅僅 6天前摔角,塞納衝破一個方陣的安全和攻擊他的折磨在星期一晚上原料,發誓巴蒂斯塔“將永遠保持[他]了,無論什麼。”

    果然,他的話,塞納在比賽進入了滿缸的氣體和大量的儲備。這兩個超級巨星鎖定在年初舉行的各種比賽,熱衷於穿了他們的對手。隨著比賽的進展,兩國貿易強國開始水泥粉碎打擊。因此,一個暗示疲勞閃爍著對各自的眉頭,但也不會手軟。相反,塞納踢出後,隆隆巴蒂斯塔炸彈,動物也逃到了後一個有力的姿態調整。最後,雖然,塞納將打擊後,巴蒂斯塔與野蠻 STFU,留下的動物沒有選擇,只能挖掘出來。


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