How do I restore my honor with my mother?

We keep having really weird and bad fights and my mum treats me like I'm a loser. I really hate it because she see's my weaknesses and she goes at them. I have decided not to share **** with her any more. So she won't attack me. But she doesn't let go of the past how do I restore my dignity and honor, so she will stop talking about my secrets with all her friends who tell someone else who tell's someone else.



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    Salam.In line with the Qur'an,all children should respect,love and help their parents especially their mothers who have pregnanted them during 9 months plus 10 days. We could say uh or no to our mother We should maintain good communication with her because the heaven is under her foot arms

    But a mother should educate her children into good islamic moral based on the Qur'an and hadith.

    She should give good examples to her children. She should keep secretly the weakness of her children and she should teach them rightly and show them the right way.A mother is the first educat

    or in the family assisted by the father.She is not allowed to tell your wrong doings as your secrets to all of your friends

    Restoring your honor and your dignity with your mother,you must tell her honestly what and how you will be treated by your mother.Your discussion with her should be accompanied by your father or your uncle or your brother or another independent person who has important influence to your mother.You must ask for her forgiveness if you have many mistakes against her.

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    awe that must be awful. you need to talk to her, if that isn't possible write her a letter explaining how you'd love a good friendship as well as mother daughter relationship but you don't like it well she tells everyone your business and that you don't go chatting family business to your friends and those things should be kept private everyone is entitled to mistakes, to learn from them is part of life to keep making them is pure stupidity. as for your dignity and honour that is your doing to lose. keep your head held high, refrain from throwing insults, petty argument and bitching and you can quite honestly say you have retained your dignity and honour.

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    Move away ! But dont get married to do so would land you in deeper gah gah.

    My mother did that with me, she told her sister and her brothers about my secrets.

    I moved away from them too. But later in life, now they are all dead I have time to

    regret my actions.

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    Move out. Tell her that if she won't stop treating you with respect, you will stop talking to her

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    provoke her to a duel. This is how honor is restored.

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    It feels like you should separate yourself from her.

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    get married and go away from her.

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