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THE OFFICE: What happened to Dwight's diabolical plan?

At the end of the episode "Scott's Tots" Ryan goes up to Dwight and they talk about Dwight's diabolical plan to get Jim fired. They formed an alliance, but I feel like there hasn't been anything in the past episodes about it and I thought that there would be...

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    The alliance is over. When Sabre bought Dunder Mifflin Kathy Bates character made them end the co-manager job that Dwight was plotting to take away from Jim. Jim was originally given the title of manager because Michael wanted the higher salary sales commissions would give him. But then he missed his big office and the manager perks. Jim also didn't like being manager because he wanted the higher sales commissions too. So when they switched jobs Ryan and Dwight claimed credit for getting Jim demoted and there was no further need for the alliance. Also the bit about Dwight peeing in a soda bottle was from season five I think. The second episode called business ethics.

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    Diabolical Plan

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    I was just watching that too.

    I'm thinking the same way you think.

    I guess the episode where Dwight always complains about Jim getting up and avoiding work is similar to his plan. Like, where Dwight can't get up at all, so he has to pee in a soda bottle. :/

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