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Which is the best medicinal plant for human well being?

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    garlic .... the raw unprocessed unpreserved version of garlic will pretty much bolster your immunity so that you rarely, if ever, come down with a cold, flu or other viral infection.

    other benefits are that it lowers cholesterol;

    lowers blood pressure;

    works as an anti inflammatory;

    works as a powerfull natural antibiotic;

    2 or 3 cloves daily lessen the chance of heart attack;

    it's an antispasmotic;

    it contains many preventative anti cancer compounds and antioxidants;

    it works as an anti diahhoreal and is a decongestant and expectorant (good for colds);

    helps relieve gas;

    is estrogenic and works as an antidepressant too........ chewing on mint leaves or cinnamon sticks will dispel any bad breath from garlic.

    oh, having more than around 5 cloves daily may give you an upset tummy so keep it at around 3 cloves daily........ start off slowly as the taste is quite strong ....... work up to 2 or 3 cloves daily as that much all at once if you're not used to it may disturb your digestion.

    if you absolutely hate raw garlic and its odor then you can use the garlic capsules which aren't as effective.


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