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What is san japan or is better then anime fan club!!!?

Im a anime lover

i love anime

but i dont now what is san japan


but if you like to talk about anime contacted me on myspace!!!

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    San Japan is a convention in San Antonio, Texas where thousands of people come together for a large convention. It is held in the center of the Rivercenter at the Marriott Rivercenter Hotel. It is much more than just an anime fan club as San Japan brings voice actors, musicians and artists. For sale is a large dealer room which you can buy all kinds of items primarily focused on Japanese anime related merchandise along with over three dozen different artists selling anime-related artwork.

    The main attractions of San Japan include a large cosplay contest where many people enter to show off their costumes and win prizes, free autographs with guests, gaming of all types, panels ranging from a large list of topics and there are even special events lined up including an Ouran Host Club, Ani-Idol (American Idol competition where songs are sung in Japanese) along with AMV contest showing off fan-made anime music videos to finally cap it off with a electronic music dance.

    Last year San Japan had over 4000 people in attendance and should be growing a lot more this year. It is happening on July Friday 9th to Sunday 11th, 2010 which runs for 24 hours starting until it finally ends on Sunday evening. A lot more information including a list of events, currently announced guests and information on registering for the can be found at

    Source(s): San Japan Japanese Culture And Anime Convention Website
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    Junjou Romantica (This one is a yaoi) Ouran Highschool Host Club Sailor Moon Tears to Tiara Angelic Layer Cardcaptors Princess Tutu Vampire Knight Chobits Baka and Test Blue Drop Tokyo Mew Mew InuYasha Karin (Chibi Vampire) Mermaid Melody Fruits Basket Maid Sama Loveless Howls Moving Castle Spirited Away Princess Mononoke Ponyo InuYasha Affections Touching Across Time InuYasha The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass InuYasha Fire at the Mystic Island Cardcaptor The Movie one million Cardcaptors The Sealed Card Sailor Moon The Promise of the Rose Sailor Moon The Black Dream Hole Sailor Moon Hearts in Ice

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    san is an older term for respect fer an older person.

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    san is an honorific for an acquaintance but not for close friends

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