Portal in game level editor?

where is the portal in game level editor it says there is 1 on steam

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  • 10 years ago
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    Portal does not have a in-game level editor in the game itself. You can however, still make maps and models for Portal, and almost whole new game play mechanics using scripts.

    Like most of VALVes games, portal is based on the Source engine. It powers HL2, both the episodes, TF2, Portal, L4D and L4D2.

    Source games use roughly the same format for their levels / maps. Thats why there is one single software development kit, which you get for free when buying any one of the source games.

    You can find it under the tools tab (library->tools in the beta interface), named Source SDK.

    Once installed and run, a menu will show up with all the different development tools.

    To make it work with Portal, you'd need to select the Engine Version as "The Orange Box", and Current Game as, well.. "Portal".

    Then run the Hammer Editor, it is the map editor for Source games.

    You might want to check out the official VALVe developer wiki on general level design with Hammer:


    And also, on adding specific portal game elements:


    There are some good links on that page, and there are many Hammer (not necessarily portal-specific) tutorials out there.

    Don't expect to be making high-quality maps right of the bat though. VALVe makes the levels looks clean and easy, but there is some major game planning and design theory behind those levels, let alone the work on actual modeling.

    Hammer editor is for intermediate to advanced users, it's not drag & drop.

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