How successful are you as a Cosmetologist?

I want to go into cosmetology, however I want to go into a career that will pay me a lot of money. I was thinking about going to Paul Mitchell's beauty school, but, it's more money than a community college. So, basically what i'm wondering is if going to a better beauty school will really pay out in the end, or would it be just the same to go to the community college to finish my Cosmetology hours? Tell me what worked best for you.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Honestly, all you need cosmetology school for is to pass your boards, that should be your main focus, And ANY beauty school is going to give you what you need to pass those boards. Being a successful stylist definitely doesn't depend on the school you attended it depends on YOU & what you do after school, to be successful you have to have the drive & all the advanced education you can fit under your belt. start out as an assistant & you'll be amazing.. i went to my local city beauty school & assisted for my first 6 months, i have a ton of advanced classes & certifications under my belt & i am making a little over 100k a year.. it will also depend on the area you're working in im working in the SF bay area ..start out where you want to end up, don't start out small reach for the stars!

    Source(s): me - stylist 6 yrs.
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