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how do you convert pressure into standard atmospheres (atm)'s?

I have to convert kPa to Atm

and then i have another problem where i have to convert torr to atm

I have a Chemistry Textbook, and it shows an example, but i am just not grasping the concept.

are there certain steps to go through to get atm's from other pressures?


thanks a lot (:

i get it now.

i just needed someone to explain it to me.

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    1 atm= 101325 Pa

    1 Pa = 1 atm/101325= 9.86923267 × 10-6 atm

    1 kPa= 10^3 Pa= 1000 Pa; 1 Pa= 10^-3 kPa= 0,001 kPa

    so if you have 7,56 kPa

    7,56 kPa= 7,56*10^3 Pa

    7,56*10^3 Pa= 7,56*10^3 * 9.86923267 × 10-6 atm= 7,46*10^-2 atm

    1 torr = 0.00131578947 atm

    just multiply your pressure in torr with 0.00131578947


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    In physics as U go thru various different topics, its possible to commit certain oft used values to memory or at least write them down in an easily found place. Thus 1 atmosphere = 101,300 Pa {this is close enough for 3 significant digit answers}

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    1 atmosphere=101.325 kPa=760 torr

    so for example if you have to convert 200 kPa to atmospheres all you have to do is divide the kPa given by 101.325. So 200 kPa/101.325 (kPa/atm)=1.97 atm

    the same thing applies for torr, except you divide given torr by 760 since 1 atm=760 torr

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    1atm = 101.3kPa

    1000kPa(1 atm/101.3kPa)=9.87atm

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