What happened to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen?

I thought they were really good actresses when they were younger (Two of a kind, so little time, Passport to Paris, When in Rome) and was wondering what ever happened to them? they are never mentioned in any magazines, its like they have become unfamous or something. I know they deserve their privacy and stuff but i was just wondering if they have any new stuff coming out ??

Just wondering?


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    In 2005, Ashley filed a $40 million lawsuit against tabloid magazine National Enquirer for printing a headline reading "Ashley Olsen Caught In Drug Scandal," and the associated story.

    Ashley and her sister have released The Row, a high-end fashion line inspired by London's Savile Row. The clothing is sold at high-end retailers such as Barneys, Maxfield, Harvey Nichols, Brown's, and others around the world. Ashley and Mary-Kate continued their expansion in the fashion industry with the Fall '07 launch of Elizabeth & James, their contemporary collection inspired by many of their unique vintage finds and pieces in their personal wardrobes.

    PETA the international animal rights group has a website dedicated to the “Trollsen Twins”. The animal rights organization is upset with the way that the Olsens wear and promote the wearing of fur by including it in their clothing lines. They’ve stated both twins “ignored pleas to stop wearing fur and using it in their fashion collection.” They go on to call both Mary Kate and Ashley “fur fiends” each with their own name— Mary- Kate (“Hairy Kate”) and Ashley (“Trashley”) — with a tag line: “Fur Is Worn by Beautiful Animals and Ugly People.”

    In 2008, Mary-Kate Olsen was caught up in the media-hype surrounding the death of Heath Ledger after Masseuse Diane Lee Wolozin, who had gone to the apartment to give Ledger a 3 p.m. massage and found his naked body in his bed, phoned the 21-year-old Olsen twice before calling the 911 emergency service. There is also speculation that Olsen was having a relationship with Ledger at the time of his death. Olsen released a statement through her publicist stating "Heath was a friend. His death is a tragic loss. My thoughts are with his family."

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    I know Ashley is filming a movie and she is the one who doesn't get into scandals. However Mary-Kate`s problems are part of the reason the twins disappeared for awhile . Mary-Kate did release a film called The Wackness

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    Mary Kate was also in Beastly & that show Weeds. I aint seen Ashley do NOTHIN on her own & I remember there was a time the girls said "theyd NEVER do a movie witout 1 another"

    iv always been a fan of those 2. bein 6 yrs older than them & watchin full house everyday after school..iv enjoyed watchin um grow up & I cant w8 2 hear bout um havin children of their own. their kids would b a handful, thats 4sure.

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    They are doing behind the Scenes fashion stuff instead of acting really

    They were tapped as the faces of upscale fashion line Badgley Mischka in 2006, in an attempt to gain credibility in the fashion industry after their association with Wal-Mart.[10] They have also launched their own new couture fashion label "The Row" named after the famous Savile Row of London. The pair have also started a new line for The Row, entitled "Elizabeth & James", named after their siblings

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    It's possible for sure

  • i have those movies haha i loved them.. they were so cute.. i guess they gave in to the world.. mary kate became anerexic..now shes recovered but still.. they are now trying to be someone they arent.. they really arent popular anymore..

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    Maybe, but I am not certain

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    they became druggies and now have a clothing line in JCPenny

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    They went anorexic and shriveled up so now you can't even see them..the end.

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