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Please explain this quote "If you tell the truth you don't have anything to remember."?

I need explanation for this quote. Thank you.

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    a lie has twists and turns ,the truth is a straight line,shortest distance between two points

  • Jon
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    10 years ago

    Very good question. If you lie, you have to remember which lie you told to who. If you tell the truth, since there can only be one truth, you don't have to remember what you told to who. If they ask you again, and you tell them the truth, the story will be the same.

    Law enforcement uses that all the time. They lock you into a story on tape during the first interview. Two weeks or a year later, they interview you again. If your story changes a little bit, you lied. If you told the truth, there's nothing to remember, tell them the truth again, it's never changed.

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    I partially agree with the other answer but I have two Answers to this.

    1. Indeed, if you tell a lie, that lie sticks to you and builds, usually if we tell a lie then we have to live with the guilt and of course the question "What could of been?" or what could of happened if you told the truth and because of that you look back and back until you finally can't push it away anymore and you tell the truth.

    2. When you tell a lie, guilt does kick in the presence of guilt , you automatically look back into that event in which you lied and feel even more guilt, when you lie that lie grows and the more guilt you felt about lieing the more you look back on it, for example say you see your best friend kill someone, and you are asked if it were your best friend, because he was your friend you lie and say it wasn't. right there and after you begin to feel guilt that perhaps someone innocent was blamed or the person died in vain, you look back on that day and think "what if you told the truth." however if you told the officer it was your friend then the entire problem is dropped you may never see that friend again but you go on and have a guilt-free consciousness

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    The truth comes natural. Only when you lie, do you have to remember the details of the lie you a trying to portray.

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  • 10 years ago

    When you're telling the truth you're just remembering what happened. With a lie you're memorizing a story that never happened

  • 10 years ago

    I suppose it means that if you lie, you have to remember the lie so you don't get caught. If you tell the truth, there is no lie to remember.

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    They must have to remember a lot.

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    you don't have to remember how to hide your lies, you already let them know, now you've shared your will. If you know what I mean

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