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Why don't Christians sway back and forth when they pray like Jews do?

I've noticed Jewish Men sway back and forth when they pray.

Is this spontaneous, or, taught to them?

I've never seen this in a Christian Church of any denomination, and I've been in many.

Why don't Christians do it?

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    It's called Shokeling and they're actually taught to do it. By "they" I'm referring to the Orthodox and Conservative Jews, rarely you see it in a Reform Temple and never in a Messianic congregation.

    It's been frowned upon by the Jewish Community as early as in the nineteenth century. Many Jews do not revere that traditional swaying during Temple services.

    Shokeling is in the category w/other Jewish practices which are regarded as violations of the solemnity & decorum in a Synagogue.

    Eliezer Liebermann in Dessau 1818, called for reform. He asks to see the difference between the Jewish service where Shokeling is done w/that of the nonJewservice:

    Liebermann says:

    "Why should we not draw a lesson from the people among whom we live? Look at the Gentiles and see how they stand in awe and reverence and with good manners in their house of prayer. No one utters a word, no one moves a limb..."

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    For what purpose is swaying when praying?

    For that matter, what purpose is facing in a certain direction when praying?

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    Same reason they do not strap explosives on their children...just another way of expressing their religious rituals.

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    Christians tend to pee before they pray and Jews tend to pee after they pray.

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    christians have found their savior, jews are still looking.

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