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Are my dogs changes unique, or does neuter/spay-ing effect all dogs this way?

I have six dogs, but one of them was very recently adopted, so I'm going to exclude her for the reason that I'm really unsure of what her behavioral patterns will be after spaying.

-Lola, ten months, lab/golden mix. Shelter mutt.

The shelter I adopted Lola from, six months ago, made me promise to spay her within 30 days of adoption.

I would've anyways, though.

She was shy and awkward(clumsy) when I adopted her. She was a nice looking dog, not aggressive. Her trainer said she needed to break out of her shell.

Her health was "ok, nothing to worry about" as the vet described.

Since the spay, she has been nothing but nippy, she barks at inatimate objects, she tries to push me around with her weight, she hates her trainer(who now says she's a stubborn b*tch--in it's original context of course) and the vet gets stress wrinkles everytime I bring her near.

-Draek, three years, blue heeler. Purebred, champion bloodlines, show-worthy.

Since I don't own any other blue heelers, and he hasn't won any shows(not worthy to be a sire), I had Draek neutered at 4 mo.s.

He was always a friendly and happy pup. The surgery didn't really effect him extremely, but he has never been as outgoing or playful since about two days after the operation--when he started lagging around. The trainer says he seems lethargic or depressed...he doesn't enjoy his walks anymore, and he won't play with the other dogs. He just....lays around.

The vet says he's healthy.

-Maverick, two years, basenji. Purebred, champion bloodlines, several awards.

This dog is intact. He's won many awards, screened as 100% healthy, no problems, an angels temperament, and purebred, AKC, from champion bloodlines. I would rather cut off my index finger than neuter this gorgeous dog!

His trainer describes him as easy going and one of the least stubborn Basenji's he's ever dealt with.

Vet says he's totally clear.

-Yeti, seven years, Shiba Inu. Purebred, champion bloodlines, 10+ awards.

this amazing dog has had her share in life. I bought her at just over a year. She had all her AKC papers, had been shown and won every show(3) she'd been entered in, and she had an appt. to be spayed! I canceled the apt, and gave her two months to warm up to my family before I made another one.

Once she was warmed up, I realized she had the most wonderful personality. So I had her screened. Clean! So I bred her twice, with another champion Shiba. The pups are being shown today. Still in contact with the owners.

When she turned five years old, she started to lag a bit. By six I stopped putting her in any competitions, and I had her spayed. About two days after the operation i noticed some odd behavior. Aggression toward the other dogs, random shaking, growling at me and other people. Vet said no problems. Got a second and third opinion but they also said her health was--well, no problems at all.

I took her to her old trainer she had as a pup, and he didn't know what to say. He said maybe it was a stressful operation at her age and she couldn't handle it.

Since then she has bit me twice, three other people, and has to be kept separated from my other dogs, or she will tear them apart!

-Jackie, two years, JRT. Shelter dog.

she was spayed a couple of months after I adopted her. She was always nippy and hyper, which is somewhat to be expected from her breed.

But after I spayed her, about a week approximately, she bit her trainer.

She bit me.

She started urinating in the house.

Barking at everything that moves.

I've gone through four different trainers to get this one that will work with Jackie despite her specific issues, and now he says she may need another six months or year to pass all her courses.

The vet says she's in good condition -- not great, like she was before I spayed her, but good.

I've always used the same positive+negative training methods for all my dogs, which teach them what they are supposed to and not supposed to do.

I feed them all raw diet, as well as Blue Buffalo dry.

They are all current on vaccinations, and I have never skipped out.

They've all been taken to behavior school, and been through/are going through all levels as well as some excess in-the-home training(all training beginning @ 3 mo.s old)

I have adopted a beautiful wolf\malamute hybrid at two years old. I don't intend to breed her, as she has no wins and isn't registered, but I don't want to ruin her temperament by spaying her.

Should I desex her? No?

After I had Lola desexed, and it went so horribly, I switched to a different vet. He's an awesome vet, have heard nothing but the best from him. Several of my friends have had their dogs desexed through him, no side effects.

Is it something about my home? About the way I'm acting?

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    Oh my sounds like you don't have enough time for them and they are showing it in their actions. Do they all have the same trainer? Could this person be using techniques that are causing them to act this way. You have some issues here. Something is going on with your dogs. I have 4 dogs in our home that have different personalities and they pout and act out sometimes just like children but I give them so much attention. My dogs that have been spayed gained weight, and don't seem as active so I have to take them for walks to prevent too much weight gain. They love playing ball and running in our backyard of course it is fenced in. Do your dogs get love and tenderness or just training? Maybe they are bonded with the trainer? I don't totally understand the "Show" training tech. but I read your question and wonder why so many dogs and getting more when you have dogs that need attention. I am not being ugly just trying to help. I would own hundreds if I had the money and time to devote to every one of them and I have to restrain myself from getting more if I see one at the pound or one that needs a home. kind of an odd situation?

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    No- i don't thin ANY of the issues your having is related to spaying or neutering at all-SPAY AND NEUTER HAVE NO EFFECT ON TEMPERMENT, BEHAVIOUR. NEUTERING/SPAYING DOES NOT CAUSE AGGRESSION.

    Behavioural problems are caused by inconsistent leadership, lack of socialisation, lack of obedience trainning, and lack of exercise.

    My dog was fine before spay, and she was fine-no change in energy levels, no change in temperment-she was spayed at 6month

    I think more like for some reason-there picked up on lack of trainning or something like that and decide to test the boundries as they've aged which all dogs do, particular at 12-2yrs-the adolecent perod-they like being naughty and difficult, you just need to regain the control of your PACK.

    The PACK is currently in CONTROL of you. So you need to show them WHO'S boss, and if neccessat get a NEW professional trainner who does NOT use shock collars.

    Also the trainner could be to blame for there sudden aggressive behaviour-do you work with the actual trainner or do you leave the dogs with trainner while you go to work?

    Do you know if he uses a shock collar for trainning, this can work against big packs and trigger undesirable behaviour including unexplained aggression. I suggest staying away from this trainner for a month and see if yours dogs personality come back to normal-work one on one with the dogs yourself, if he has used shock collars-there they maybe permently aggressive issues

    Teach basic obedience--aka one on one

    Use the Nothing in Life is free principle

    Another thing do your ever pat your dogs just for the sake of it or do they only have the other dogs for companion? even a pack of dogs need human attention to fulfil the needs of love.

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  • Mandy
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    None of my dogs have ever changed in the slightest after being spayed, at least not in any way I noticed.

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    each dog is an individual

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