If the season finished this week who would you give...?

(my answers in brakets)

Ok, just say if the season finished this week who would have won the 2010 brownlow from the 2 games you've seen so far (Barlow)

and the coleman (Brown)

all-aussie captain(Brown)

Yarran or hannebury for rising star(Yarran)

your clubs B&F(McLeod)

premiership(St. Kilda)

worst team(Adelaide)

Best Forward(Brown)

Best Midfielder(Barlow)

Best Defender(Gilbert)

Best Ruckman(Natnuati)

Best Captain(Brown)

Best Coach(Harvey)

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    Brownlow - would be a tie between Barlow and Jonathan Brown 6 votes each so far you would think.

    Coleman - Jonathan Brown

    All-Australian Captain - Brown or Riewoldt

    Rising Star - Broughton?

    My Clubs B and F - Riewoldt

    Premiership - St Kilda

    Worst Team - Richmond (based on ladder)

    Best Forward - Riewoldt and Brown

    Best Midfielder - Barlow

    Best Defender - I'm happy with Gilbert

    Best Ruckman - Sandilands and Seaby! LOL what a surprise

    Best Captain - Riewoldt/Brown

    Best Coach - Lyon (based on ladder)

    Man these results are going to change so much as the season progresses.

    How long will Barlow keep it up? Will we see a difference between Riewoldt and Brown during the season? Will Dean Cox eventually hit form? Will Adelaide get up and running again?

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    Brownlow- Barlow

    Coleman- Brown

    AA Captain- Riewoldt

    Rising Star- Yarran

    Club B+F- B. Goddard

    Premiership- St. Kilda, Runner up Fremantle

    Spoon- Adelaide

    BF- Goodes

    BM- Barlow

    BR- Sandilands

    BCap- Brown/Riewoldt

    BCoach - Harvey

    Goal of The Year- Goodes Round 1 Soccer goal

    Mark Of The Year - Riewoldts Fingertip Mark

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    1 decade ago

    Brownlow (Barlow)


    All- Aussie Captain(N Riewoldt)

    Rising Star(Yarran)

    Eagles B&F(A Selwood)


    Worst Team(N Melbourne)

    Best Forward(Brown)

    Best Midfielder(Barlow)

    Best Defender(Enright)

    Best Ruckman(Sandilands)

    Best Captain(Reiwoldt)

    Best Coach(Harvey)

    Best Defender(

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    Brownlow - Michael Barlow

    Coleman - Brown

    Captain - Reiwoldt

    Rising star - Yarran

    Club B&F - Tough, between Kane Cornes, Travis Boak or Justin Westhoff

    Premiership - Brisbane

    Wooden spoon - Richmond or Adelaide

    Forward - Brown

    Midfielder - Gary or Barlow

    Defender - Gilbert

    Ruck - Nic Nat

    Captain - Brown

    Coach - Bomber Tompson

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    1 decade ago

    1. Brown

    2. Brown

    3. Brown

    4. Yarran

    5. Liam Anthony

    6. St kilda

    7. Crows

    8. Brown

    9. Barlow

    10. Goddard

    11. Sandilands

    12. Riewoldt

    13. Harvey

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    coleman: brown, undisputable

    all-aussie captain: reiwoldt

    hannebury for rising star

    my clubs B&F (wce) nic natinui

    Premiership; Saints over the dockers right now both looked unstoppable at the weekend

    Worst team: north

    Best forward: brown or reiwoldt

    Best midfielder: ablett

    Best defender: no idea

    Best ruckman: sandilands

    Best captain: reiwoldt

    best coach: harvey for sure

    Source(s): wow another thumbs down, i am getting alot of those right now lol
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    i agree with you all..lol they are all very simular, obviesly because its only been two rounds!

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