can a .32 acp round penetrate a human skull?

im thinking bout buying a Tomcat .32acp pistol but can this baby pistol even defend you? i want to start with an inexpensive pistol and easy to manage on the recoil side...i could get several shots off in a short amount of time....but can this round penetrate a human skull or even reach vital areas? what do you think?

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    I've carried a Beretta 3032, 'Alley Cat' for almost 10 years now. Don't use 32 ACP Winchester Silvertips; they stink; and you'd be better off with a slingshot. Use ONLY FMJ bullets. I carry two extra magazines inside a pocket pouch with my, 'Alley Cat'. (That gives me 21 little 71 grain, 'pills' to shoot.)

    I rarely - as in, 'RARELY' - ever carry my Beretta as a primary. 98% of the time it's my secondary backup piece. The principal reason I chose the Beretta, 'Alley Cat' (A, 'Tom Cat' with night sights.) is because, after a 3 year search, I concluded that it is the easiest secondary to transition down to from a full-sized pistol that has just jammed or run dry.

    After carrying one for almost 10 years, I'm happy to say that I was correct. I'm able to transition down from a huge full-sized Model G-21 to my little Beretta 32 with its WIDE BACKSTRAP without any loss of accuracy inside 12 yards.

    The 32 acp round I usually carry is Magtech's FMJ 71 grain bullet. It's NOT a particularly powerful round; but it can be effective; and 7 of these, 'little pills' COM has got 'a slow a target down. (Yes, the 32 ACP will KILL; it might not immediately STOP; but it will KILL. That's probably, 'Why' I carry one.)

    The final thing you should be aware of is that the Model 3032 isn't a ruggedly built gun. It's on the petite side; and I wouldn't be loading it up with any of the hotter (Buffalo Bore) 32 ACP ammo. Stay with the FMJ Magtech.

    On the plus side, while I have heard complaints - and, especially, about the early pistols - my aluminum frame 3032 hasn't so much as hiccuped on me, even once, in about 1,000 rounds. Effective service life of a little pistol like this? Somewhere around 2, 500 to 3,000 rounds. (Good enough for me!)

    If you get one the first thing you should do is lose the hard plastic grips and go with Pearce Rubber. You'll have to Dremel out an additional cut for the extended safety lever on the newer Model 3032's; but the extra grip and accuracy are well worth the effort. I did mine at my workbench; but, any gunsmith should be able to do this to your new grips for just a few extra bucks. If you order direct from Pearce, they'll tell you who can fit this grip for you; the pistol doesn't have to be there.

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    Energy is what is required to cause a projectile to penetrate a human skull. Simply put, energy is a factor of both the mass (weight) of the projectile and the velocity (speed) at which it is traveling. The .22 long rifle bullet is generally 40 grains (2.6 grams). Depending on the cartridge (.22 short, long rifle, etc., the bullet weight can range from 20 to 60 grains. The standard long rifle round reaches a maximum velocity of about 1100 feet per second, but certain high velocity or hyper velocity cartridges can increase that number to over 1600 fps and .22 "magnum" rounds can easily exceed 2000 fps. Maximum velocity is usually attained at approximately 18" from the end of the barrel, thus, that would be the most effective range for the round. (However, the round does not lose velocity very quickly, so it's essentially just as effective at any practical close-combat range.) U.S. Navy SEALs use the .22 with noise suppressors as effective, quiet ways of neutralizing their targets. For comparison, a .270 rifle, commonly used for deer hunting, uses a round with a bullet typically weight 130-150 grains and a muzzle velocity of 2800-3200 fps. With guns, muzzle energy is the amount of energy the bullet has at the point it exits the barrel. Again, this is a factor of the bullet mass and velocity. A .22 will have a muzzle energy of 700-1300 (depending on the weight of the bullet and round type and brand). A .270 will have ME of 2700-3300. This means that the .270 will deliver 3-4 times the energy of the .22. The .22 has enough energy to penetrate the skull and kill a human with a single shot. In comparison, the .270 has much more energy and therefore has a greater likelihood of doing so (almost a surety).

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    Yes, a 7.65mm (.32 ACP) projectile will easily penetrate a skull. Even a .22 LR will do that.

    7.65mm has a reputation of being used by various government agencies (most notably Mossad) to assassinate dissidents and enemies of the state, usually by dumping a magazine into the back of their head.

    Although 7.65mm is thought of today as inadequate it's been used worldwide for over a hundred years. The idea that .32 is useless for self-defense is a relatively new opinion, usually voiced by the "anything under (insert calibre here) sucks" crowd. In my opinion anything that's been effectively used for 100 years can still be effectively used today.

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    Beretta 32 Acp

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    can a .32 acp round penetrate a human skull?

    im thinking bout buying a Tomcat .32acp pistol but can this baby pistol even defend you? i want to start with an inexpensive pistol and easy to manage on the recoil side...i could get several shots off in a short amount of time....but can this round penetrate a human skull or even reach vital...

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    Let's see... I bought my wife a pretty little Seecamp .32 for a Christmas present, this last Christmas... it's her little carry gun. If I did not believe the .32acp were up to the task of killing a potential attacker, then I wouldn't have dumped ~$420 on it.

    .32acp is a nice little round. I mean no offense, but I believe you have a little more research/education to go through, before purchasing a firearm. Never assume that a round cannot kill.

    Speaking of which, .32acp ammunition is fairly pricey (at least where I am)... not a good choice for a plinking gun unless you reload.

    Source(s): Avid shooter/Experienced Machinist/I really do like the .32acp... It's a nice little round.
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    32 ACP is used by Veterinarians to put down animals including cattle. One shot to the skull.

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    Of course it can. There would be enough damage to put the victim into shock. I have a Baretta .22 short and it is enough to put a hole is someone's head. Not a very effective round when fired at the torso. I honestly recommend the .38 special if you want to go small. I am a firm believer in my .45 Kimber. It has the stopping power I am looking for with the ease of use. If you do go with a small caliber.. check out Rugar's LCP .380. Perfect gun for what you are looking for I think.

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    It supposedly did a fine job on Hitler's skull. It's more than just optimistic, though, if you think you can hit a brain shot on an assailant in real situations.

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    maybe depends on distance and other factors. why not get a 12 guage shoot anything with that its going down for good and you can get a decent one that is new between 175 and 250

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