Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test?

I took the test a year ago and it said I was an INTJ. I just took it again and it said I'm an INTP. As far as I can tell their both the same. Is there any real difference between the two? Also is it possible to be a combination of the both?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well from what i understand about this personality test the J stands for Judging and the P stands for Perception. The fact that you changed from INTJ to INTP means that within the year you made more emotional type/intuition based decisions (the P) rather than logical ones, which affected your responses and changed your results of the test. As for the other ones you are still I-introverted, same amount of iNituition, T-thinking.

    To answer the second question, I mean these types of tests will always have their biases, so that may result in changes or commonalities but for the most part J and P are supposed to be on two separate ends of the spectrum. I cant see your test but the results indicated that it was far one side than no, you cant be a combo but if it was toward the center of the bar then that means you are borderline and there is no clear cut way in which you make you decisions in retrospect to J and P.

    Looking at the INT, it seems that the P would fit better than the J, cuz N and P are pretty similar. Because introverted people tend to choose use their hearts over their minds but will think things over and over a lot. I am not sure if this describes you.

    In the end don't really take it to heart if you don't feel like it describes you because like i said there are biases whether it came from you or the actual test.

    Hope this Helps :)

    Source(s): Psychology minor in college
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