I AM PLANNING A DRUG FREE CHILD BIRTH (if i can ever get pregnant), what kind of child birth did you have?

also what did you like or dis-like about it?


im wanting to know about the different birthing methods such as water births, family-in-room births, ect....

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    I have had 2 drug-free births. The first was high-risk, with a Dr. I had never met before and a half dozen interns/residents/fellows in the room. I stayed at home until I felt that I needed to go to the hospital. I was 9 cm when I arrived. They insisted on a blood draw --try staying still during a contraction for that! I spent a lot of time in the shower, on an exercise ball (great for opening the pelvis), and sitting with my husband behind me. We hired a doula so that we would have someone we knew as a caregiver. I have never regretted that $1000. She really helped us communicate what we wanted, knew just how to massage where and when I needed it, was able to tell my husband what to say and how to encourage me, and was great for breast-feeding support afterwords.

    My 2nd was at home, in a birth pool, with midwives and a doula. Much more relaxed. We went to a park for an hour, walking to kick up the contractions. We got take-out for supper. My cat was there to cuddle with. My music was available. I could eat what and when I wanted. I loved being in the warm water. Contractions were more bearable, it was easier to change positions to move with the pain. We bought an inflatable birth pool (La Bassine Birth Tub around $140 with shipping) with handles to help with in/out and for anchorage during contractions/ pushing. I think the water also helped prevent tears and reduce swelling. I was wandering about the neighbourhood baby in sling the next day! And I was tucked into my own bed, with clean sheets and fluffed pillows. I can't say enough about the benefit of midwives -longer pre-natal appointments, you are a partner in your care rather than being told what to do, always someone on call to answer questions, they come to you when labor starts and stay until you are settled and all is stable, and they come for a few post-natal appointments until you are well enough to go to their office. They are prepared for the emergencies too -oxygen and suction was set up before pushing began (and was used!), injections to stop the bleeding, etc. They also know when to go to the hospital. I would definitely birth at home with a midwife were I to have another baby.

    I think the biggest thing you can due to ensure the type of birth you want is to have great support. Your partner is pretty essential, but also an experienced caregiver you are comfortable with and trust. You need to be able to relax your body to let it do what it knows how to do. Hard to do when you're scared or feeling alone. The caregiver needs to be able to support your partner in supporting you. And be available when the partner needs to go pee or eat :-)

    That, and don't be induced. Chances of going drug-free when contractions hit full-force instead of building up are slim. Midwives know all kinds of little tricks to avoid interventions (having sex helps bring on labor, and semen softens the cervix!)

    As far as getting pregnant, pay attention to your ovulation by observing your mucous, or by charting your temp. That saves the frustration of "not pregnant again" if you know the timing wasn't right. And can help you realize that "it's a good baby-making night".


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    I'm pregnant with my first baby now (15 weeks), and I have opted for a drug-free natural birth, at least, that's what I'm *hoping* to do - plans have to be altered a lot of the time, but I'm so hoping that everything goes how I want it to.

    I would've liked to do a water birth; however, unfortunately where I live - there are virtually no doctors who encourage or recommend it. I'm not sure why but that's just how it is - none of the hospitals offer water birthing facilities either and the closest "birthing centre" that does is 2 hours away.

    I am instead going to have a natural, vaginal birth. I'm taking hypnobirthing classes and I'm going to have a doula present at the time to try and keep me focused and encourage me.

    The only other people I will have in the room are the midwife/wives, my boyfriend (the father) and my two sisters. I've opted not to have an epidural or another other drugs unless it is absolutely necessary, and I don't want to be induced until I'm at least 10 days overdue -- hopefully my plan will run as smoothly as possible.

    Everyone I have talked to that has had a drug-free birth has raved about it, they all said it was the best experience they had and that (most) of them were up and walking about and comfortable within a couple of hours. There are more cons than pros to having an epidural from what I can see as well.


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    I opted for an epidural. My experience left me no reason to decide against it in the future. I didn't feel a thing when they inserted the needle and it made the whole process a great deal more manageable for me. I waited a while before getting it because I was afraid of the needle but honestly, it was not bad at all and once I had it I was actually able to be more "in the moment". I could talk to my husband and family and really focus on the fact that my little man would soon be in my arms. All the power in the world to a woman who wants to go drug free, but for myself personally I feel like an epidural allows me to enjoy the experience more and lessens the stress on my body by allowing me to physically and mentally relax more. Good luck with your pregnancy attempts and all the best to you and your future family!

    Source(s): Mother to a beautiful 5 month old boy!
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    I am a FIRM believer that a woman has to do what's comfortable for her as long neither life is in danger...that being said, I would opt for a natural drug free birth. Then again, I have never shoved a baby out nor have I ever been pregnant. Ideally, I would like to have one because I want to experience everything, but I may change my mind if I ever got pregnant and had a natural birth. I may panic, can't stand the pain, etc.

    I was always intrigued by an unassisted birth, but I would never do it simply because it would scare me and I think it's borderline irresponsible. But like I said, it's the woman's decision. She has to do what's comfortable for her.

    Source(s): Just my opinion.
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    Yes, leave it be. There isn't anything you can do to make him change his life, only he can decide to do that. The fact you have a protective order to keep him away, his multiple jail times, drug use, and general bad behavior would definitely make it an easy fight for sole custody. I think he has to put himself on the birth certificate, so I doubt that will happen. If he does fight for some parental rights, his history would make it easy for you to request supervised visitation in a controlled environment (at least in California). So you don't need to worry about him freaking out when he is visiting baby. Hope everything works out. p.s. Good job working on graduating before baby arrives!

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    I wanted drug free labor but when it came down to it I asked for epidural, I have no regrets at all, the epidural was easy to get and labor was a breeze. I will go with it again just so I can enjoy the birth of my child and not be hating every moment of it

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    Drug free here! I liked everything except when the head was crowning, and anything else I disliked was purely to do with an idiotic doctor and a team of high-risk nurses who failed to notice I was in labor. Otherwise, I'm all for not getting stabbed with giant needles (my biggest motivator)!

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    one with loads and loads of beautiful drugs

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