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The Movie the Stepfather?

Please help, i watched the stepfather tonight and i really like a song played in that movie but i dont know what it's called.

If you've seen this movie it is the song when Michael shows Kelly the picture of "David" he found on Americas most wanted, outside by the pool.

I would please like a list of all the songs in the movie if you do not know what I'm talking about. Thank you.

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    Written by Paul Meany

    Performed by Mutemath (as Mute Math)

    Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc.

    By Arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing

    "Say the Same"

    Written by Douglas Robb, Daniel Estrin and Chris Hesse

    Performed by Hoobastank

    Courtesy of The Island Def Jam Music Group

    Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

    "Eternal Summer"

    Written by Corky Gainsford

    Performed by Red Means Go

    Courtesy of Pop Cycle Records

    "The Air I Breath"

    Written by Ken Andrews, Charlotte Martin and Tommy Walter

    Performed by Sleep Detectives

    Courtesy of Echo Field Recordings

    By Arrangement with Coda Music Inc.


    Written by Shaun Morgan (as Shaun Welgemoed)

    Performed by Seether

    Courtesy of Wind-Up Records, LLC

    "Never Less Than Perfect"

    Written by Ian Blurton

    Performed by Blurtonia

    Courtesy of Web of Sound Recordings

    By Arrangement with Coda Music Inc.


    Written by Paul D'Amour

    Performed by Feersum Enngin

    Courtesy of Coda Music Inc.

    "Platinum Camelot"

    Written by Jeremy Patrick Stramaglio and Farron Kerzner

    Performed by Lightning Swords of Death

    Courtesy of Baltane Records


    Written and Performed by Drew Smith

    Courtesy of Coda Music Inc.

    "Safer When"

    Written by Ian Blurton and Dean Dallas Bentley

    Performed by C'mon

    Courtesy of Blown Speaker Records

    "If I Get Dealt wit"

    Written by Scott Thomas, Chris Goodman and John Smith

    Performed by S-Mak

    Courtesy of S-Mak

    By Arrangement with School of Velocity

    "Secret Things"

    Written and Performed by Ken Andrews

    Courtesy of Dinosaur Fight Records

    By Arrangement with Coda Music Inc.

    "The Undertaker"

    Written by Maynard James Keenan and Danny Lohner (as Daniel Lohner)

    Performed by Puscifer

    Courtesy of Puscifer Entertainment LLC

    "What Is Real"

    Written by Ken Andrews and Charlotte Martin

    Performed by Ken Andrews

    Courtesy of Echo Field Recordings

    By Arrangement with Coda Music Inc.

    "The Funeral"

    Written by Benjamin Bridwell, Christopher David Early and Timothy Ian Meinig

    Performed by Band of Horses

    Courtesy of Sub Pop Records

    "Happy Together"

    Written by Gary Bonner (as Garry Bonner) and Alan Gordon

    Produced by Richard Patrick and John Spiker

    Performed by Filter

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