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Can you send a Western Union anonymously?

A friend of my family is going through a very tough time, and needs to come up with a large amount of money fairly quickly. I would like to send $500 to her, but I would really like to send it autonomously. I thought about FedEx-ing cash, but it could get lost. Someone mentioned Western Union. I have never used it before, but on their site it says I can go to a location and send money overnight. Will they let you do it anonymously? Also, do they deliver the cash / check to her door?


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    It is not possible to send money anonymously using western union because upon receiving the money, the receiver needs to verify five informations on the money transfer; amount, the sender's name on record, receiver's name, originating city and state, city and state of payout.

    If you are thinking about using another name, that is also not possible since western union agents are required to check the sender's ID in compliance with the anti-money laundering act. Let's say the agent forgot to check for your ID, it is still not good to use a different name because in case you would need to get a refund, you will be asked for the Original Receipt and your valid photo ID.

    You can send the money via Western Union Overnight Home Delivery but you can only do that if you are sending the money via Debit or Credit Card over the phone by calling 1-800-225-5227. For first time users, you need to undergo the validation process. They will send a Western Union Debit card to the receiver's address and the payee calls a certain number to load up the card and the pin will be the control number from you. For further informations about that call their customer service at 1-800-325-6000.

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    Anonymous Wire Transfer

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    on your WU m.o., you can put the order no. across the bottom. you are correct, there is no special space created for it.

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